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Special Announcement (5 MAR 97):

"The Objectivist Ring" has been created, and wishes to celebrate with you the fortieth anniversary of ATLAS SHRUGGED!

Changes Made to the Website (23 NOV 96 - 31 JAN 97):

I have been a little slow in making changes to the website, partly due to writing a collection on dual foundationalism, a paper on ethics, and helping someone with a commercial site. However, the changes are as follows:

[ARI] Inclusion of CNJ Ayn Rand Society, a site with some unusual links.

[TJS] Inclusion of the Society for Objective Science, an organization of some importance in the Objectivist Movement. You may order their material over the internet.

[IOS] Inclusion of Freedom's Nest, a site and resource on the web.

[IND] Inclusion of the The New Intellectual Forum, a Chicago-based group with several members who have published articles.

[DIV] Inclusion of Fact and Value, the article by Dr. Leonard Peikoff, as well as To Whom it May Concern, by the Brandens. In case you hadn't notice, Dr. Nathaniel Branden has been making a comeback in the movement.

[PEN] No changes.

[INK] I have divided the larger articles into those dealing with issues related to metaphysics and epistemology, and those dealing with ethics. I have added an ordered thematic collection to the metaphysics and epistemology category, added two large articles on ethics (namely, the interpretation of the standard of value), and added several journals.

[ART] I have added ART: American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century, a quarterly devoted to Romantic Realism, and Frederick Clifford Gibson, Architect.

Changes Made to the Website (15 - 23 NOV 96):

The Navigation Table: The elements in the Navigation Table have been reorganized so as to make them more readily understandable, and, in particular, I put the "Hub" (which is the index to the links pages) at the center so as to emphasize its centrality. Furthermore, the "Hub" page now contains a legend to explain the three-letter keywords used in the Navigation Table.

The "ARI" Page: I have added three sites-- Houston Objectivism Society Home Page; CNJ Ayn Rand Society; MR. Gerald Allen Kalafut's "Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand."

The "Divisions" Page: There is now a new category--"More General Statements." At present, it contains only one entry, but I regarded this entry as sufficient reason for the creation of a new category. The entry consists of an article entitled "How to Avoid Dogmatism About Objectivism." As such, it does not criticize or defend any of the organizations which are part of the movement, but addresses a more central issue: the proper nature of any given individual's belief in the philosophy. Nevertheless, I believe that each of the major organizations will admit that this issue is central to understanding the nature of the division between them.

For example, supporters of ARI would claim that the individuals who compose the IOS movement started out as dogmatic intrinsicists, but ended up rebelling against a self-imposed servitude by becoming subjectivists (see Dr. Peikoff's article "Fact and Value"), whereas supporters of IOS would argue that the members of ARI are dogmatic intrinsicists who treat Objectivism as if it were a religion. In both cases, dogmatism is seen as problem of central importance to the movement. However, neither ARI, IOS, nor I myself would regard dogmaticism as something intrinsic to the philosophy itself: dogmatism is properly viewed as an expression of intrinsicism, and insofar as one is objective, one is necessarily avoiding the twin pitfalls of intrinsicism and subjectivism, and therefore, of both dogmatism and whim-worship. But it is commonly agreed that dogmatism is (or at least has been) a major problem for many of those who have been trying to understand the philosophy.

The "Ink" (Articles) Page: I have divided the entries into two subcategories-- large articles and collections.

The "Art" Page: I have now divided the artists in the "Art" page into those which are online and those which are offline. In addition, I found one gem of a site: Linda Mann's. She is a painter. If it were only for the sake of discovering her work alone, I would regard this as sufficient reason for notifying you of the update. I will be adding more artists with time, but it will probably be rather rare that I do so with such pleasure.

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Is there a website which I've forgotten? Has a link died to one of the sites which I have listed? Have I mis-classified a site? Please email me a note.

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I am not endorsed by the individuals or organizations listed. Nor should the fact that I am including them be regarded as evidence that any of them have received my unqualified endorsement. What I endorse-- unreservedly-- is the active mind which judges things for itself.

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