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Languages and old projects / Linguagens e projectos anteriores (historial)

Date/DataLanguage/LinguagemProjectos ou experiênciaProjects or experience
1983 Basic's
  • Sinclair basic e outros dialectos
  • Formularium program - Base de dados de formulas e respectivo motor de inferência
  • Sinclair basic and other basic dialects
  • Formularium program - Formula database and respective inference motor
1984 Assembly Z80
  • Extensão do interpretador Basic Sinclair
  • Interpreted Sinclair basic extension
1988 Logo
  • SCSI Logo para PC's (apreciação)
  • Extensão Sinclair Basic para suportar graficos turtle
  • Apreciated SCSI Logo for PC's
  • Sinclair Basic Extension to support turtle graphics
1990 DBase IV (DOS)
  • Rotinas diversas
  • Several routines
1991 Assembly 8086
  • Rotinas elementares
  • Elementar routines
1991 Clipper summer 87
  • Listagens e rotinas elementares
  • Reports and elementar routines
1991 Clipper 5
  • Listagens, Menus, Screen Saver etc..
  • Reports, Screen Saver, menu systems, etc...
1993 Turbo C++ 1.x
  • Aprendizagem C e C++ OOP
  • Learning C and C++ OOP
1994 Borland C++ 3.1
  • Projectos na área da algebra e OOP geral
1995 Borland C++ 4.0
  • Projecto Algebra - Editor de Equações
  • Algebra Project - Equation Editor
1996 Borland C++ Develop. Suite 5.0
  • Versão 32Bits do editor
  • 32Bits Version of the editor
Dates refer to when started with languague, not to project dates.
As datas são referentes ao inicio da programação e não aos projectos.

Formularium program
Builded with interpreted basic, back in 1988/89, this program maintained a database of formulas. As user inputed the units and values, the inference motor searched the database and outputed all possible cross-link calculations.
This program had no graphical interface and no tools for database load. Leaving to the programmer (me) the task of initializing the database and load it with all decompositions of every formula entered.
MathCore project
Mathcore and some related project prototypes, for computer manipulation of algebraic symbols, in all of those projects there was no user expression input and the projects where tested with code wired expressions.
Those projects were all at an experimental fase, there I have fine tuned the needed object structure for symbolic manipulation.
Achived a certain degree in resolution/solving i needed an editor, this need leaded me to the current project.

Some output sample of MathCore (text output)

Resolution of 2*x/3=x*4, isolating x

Resolution of E=R*I, isolating R

Resolution of a*x+x/b=0, isolating x

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