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Oshun, by Caryb

Oshun, by Caryb

Oshun Oxum Ochun Osun

These are some of the names of the orisha* of lakes, waterfalls, streams and rivers; of precious metals; of fertility and prosperity.

Her most famous temple stands in Oshogbo, Nigeria, beside the Oshun river.

Temple gateway
Gateway to Temple of
Oshun, Oshogbo
Photo by War Omin

Her spirit lives in all her children, throughout the world.

Songs of Praise for Oshun

W h a t 's i n a n a m e ?

Sabrina is the name of an English water nymph said to live in the River Severn. In John Milton's Comus, she is begged to "listen and save."

My mother gave me that name in 1955 when I was born near Lake Ontario. In 1986, at Il Ax Op Afonj, my spiritual mother, Stella of Oshossi, told me in Salvador, Bahia, that my orisha and my name are closely related. My orisha, and divine mother, is Oshun.

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After I was initiated as a novice Candombl priestess, or abiyan, I was given the name Wara Omin, "precious waters of Oshun."

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A Tale of Oshun

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Il Ax Op Afonj

*orisha: Yoruba divinity

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