Stine Cecilia Nerland Lövström
Hello, nice to see you!
There's not much here yet, compared to my old web site that was unexpectedly deleted,
but I'll try to get an update and an improvement done every now and then.
Last updated November 30th, 2007
Cecilia's baptism (Real Video 1,49 MB)

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One of my regular web stops is the Forum at Catholic Online. If you are a Catholic (this is my parish church), or a Christian interested in discussing civilly and amiably with Catholics, or a non-Christian interested in learning about our faith, the Catholic Online Forum is a great place to start. Besides trying to keep the house up and the kids sort of well behaved, I write short stories - or try to. (The poetry is on hold for the time being, as I am trying to get enough stories together to publish.) I have battled with concentration for a long, long time. Good thing is my muse returned to me a little while back and gave me inspiration to start working again, she left me to the grind of course, but it's a start! Yeay! And then I play Everquest II... Way too much fun. If you're a like minded individual on the Permafrost server, we may have met ;-)
Yes, I do have some. I have also lost contact with some that I would like to get back in touch with. Can you help me? If you happen to be Karin Schulenkorf, May Irene Bjerknes or Vanessa Johnson, then email me!
I am married to Sven, we have four children: Mikael Johannes (7 1/2 years old), Saga Elisabeth (5), Cecilia Kristin (3) and the latest addition to the family tree is Maria Regina, whose first birthday is rapidly advancing. How time flies! Here's some info on Cecilia's baptism and the heirloom christening gown. Will need to upload some newer pics, btw... Will try to remember!
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