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New Traditionist Poetry


About the Author:

Born at Hastings, England, in 1936, and educated mainly at Bruton Grammar School and The Open University, J.A.Bosworth spent twenty-four years as a British Army Officer. Since 1977 he has been active professionally in many different areas including management of a Retirement Home, management of a small hotel and bus driving!

J.A.Bosworth published a hardback collection of his early work under the title "Neknus and other poems" in 1984. His "Clouds of Glory" seminal work is currently being prepared for publication.

In May 1996 J.A.Bosworth moved to the small rural village of Cugy in Switzerland in order to dedicate himself solely to the writing of poetry and poetic criticism.

J.A.Bosworth has described himself as a New Traditionist, and the poems published here are representative of what he calls his New Traditionist Poetry.

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Why should you suffer abjectly?
 Why do you not advance
   Towards success?
  Rouse your rich blood!
Fulfill your noble plan!
  Despite those bonds which strain
    To hold you down
Give substance to your dream!

Do not despair; hasten to act,
 Inspired by the flame-torch
  Of your ideal!
 Can you not feel those sparks
Which soon shall scorch 
   Your name upon History's
Reel of Immortality?

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All poems on this page are Copyright 1997 J.A.Bosworth

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