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Welcome to my homepage !

I am a Muslim

No , I am not a terrorist....


did you know that my Prophet

prevented us from killing

women and children

and priests

and the bringing down of trees?

He is not only MY Prophet

he is your Prophet too!

Please read on further

maybe you'll find a clue.......

Thanks for "clicking in"!!!! Hello and Peace be unto those who follow guidance. I am Abu AbdAllah .... It's not my name but it's a nickname I was given by one of my friends it means ( Father of the servant of God) Ofcourse I am, proudly , the servant of God too...but this is the Arab way of nicknaming.(by the way I am not an arab) .

I am sure that by now the media has done it's job in giving Islam a bad picture and name. Many people picture Islam as "some middle eastern culture" or maybe even a "middle eastern mafia". Anyway , we thank Allah for teaching us what we did not know . Thanks to Him many people who want to know about Islam are now only a few "clicks" away

Remember, Islam calls people to worship the One and Only God . The One people of all creeds call in prayer when in Danger . He is the same One that Jesus Christ (May The Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon him) prostrated for and called in prayer . Islam does not call people to practice some new (or old) doctrine that tackles a person's intelligence. It means : "Submission" to the One and only Lord of the universe . Don't fear being mocked at for wanting to read about the Truth and don't forget that the ones who are mocked at are usually the ones doing good. Isn't that what all the Prophet's of God suffered from ???? Another point that I would like to clarify is that I am not attempting to force you into my religion because Allah (Most High) tells us in The Holy Quran:"There is no compulsion in religion" Chapter # 2, Verse # 256.

Some "answered questions" attempt by me.....

1) Q. Why do muslim women wear a head scarf?

A. Didn't Mary(pbuh) cover her hair? ie it is only a form of chastity.

2)Q. Why do muslims have beards?

A. Didn't all Prophets of God have beards?

3)Q. Why are muslim men allowed to marry up to four wives?

A. Why did God allow more than one prophet to have 60-900 wives?

It is all a matter of getting to know more about this Religion that attracts people of all races, nations and social status. The Religion that The God of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (pbut) chose for mankind

1) Mary(mother of Jesus) (the name of one of the chapters in The Holy Quran) A good self explanatory start

2) Marie french translation (of meaning)

3) Maria spanish translation (of meaning)

4) Maria german translation (of meaning)

5) The Names and Attributes of God

6) A Canadian Woman's View on the Hijab

7) Introducing Islam

8) Where can I get Islamic books?

9) Why Women Are Turning to Islam / The View of a Christian Convert

10) FAQ on Islam and muslims

11) Beginners Guide To Performing Islamic Prayers

12) Introducing Islam from the Islamic Awareness page

13) The non-muslim's Home page

14) A Canadian scientist finds referrences to embryology in The Quran This man openly anounced his belief that the Quran is The Word of God

15) QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE Maurice Buccaile from the French Academy of Medicine a distinguished scientist

16) The Qur’an and Modern Science Extracts from the video "The Truth"

17) The changing perception of Islam in American pluralistic society

18) Introduction resources on Islam

19)Benefits of becoming a Muslim

20) The best Knowledge ( Quran and Hadith)

21) Where can I get Islamic books?

22) Stories of new Muslims interesting!

23) How does this "Quran" sound by the way? even though you don't understand Arabic I am sure that listeneng to this will at least carve a special memory in your heart.

24) Call TOLL-FREE ! and ask about all you wanted to ask about Islam !

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