Libra: Masculine Air Cardinal


The Libran must in all spheres of his life, express himself; and other people must accept that expression generously and fully. A favourite complaint of the Libran is: ‘It’s not fair that he should treat me like that after all I’ve done for him!’ Of course, ‘he’ may simply be incapable of responding as fully as the Libran might wish; but the Libran might find this difficult to accept. In any event, a permenent emotional relationship in which the give and the take are well balanced is an absolute pre-requisite for Libran if he is to be happy, and is to develop properly as a person.

Hating quarrels, the Libran has great natural charm and a winning manner; the pretty Libran girl will easily wind her employer round her little finger in order to secure the extra salary she needs to buy that pretty hat or that new dress. In avoiding all forms of quarrels and upsets, the Libran reveals a characteristic tendency to be all things to all men. Certainly, too, there is indecision - the worst of Libran faults. ‘We must just wait and see what happens,’ he cries; and wait he will, putting off a decision, or a mildly unsavoury job, for as long as possible.

Librans have a reputation for laziness, but often they are not as soft as they seem; they are usually fairly eager to get what they want, and may appear lazy simply because of the indecision. A Libran may adopt a pose of charming inactivity; but while in one case this may simply be a pause between one activity and the next, in another it may well be very conciously adopted and used.

The Libran may be indicisive, but when he does decide that he wants something, he generally gets it, one way or another. The Libran makes an excellent and thoughtful host; his home will be comfortable and ‘pretty’. Guests will be greeted pleasently, and will find the atmosphere restortive and relaxing.

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