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~ EWTN for permitting me to copy certain texts.
~ Chris Locke for the use of his beautiful stained glass window images.
~ The Division of Holograms Unlimited at "The Main Link" from whom I borrow a crucifix image in return for a link off my site.
~ Angela, Dave, Bob, and Denis for helping me tune the layout of the page and its its graphics and finding some spelling errors. Thanks to Pete and Fr. Callam for their valuable suggestions with the document On New Types of "Catholicism".
~ Anyone else whom I may have forgotten (sorry!)

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* [CIN]
Catholic Information Network (CIN) - Catholic electronic evangelization since 1987

* New Advent
* Catholic Answers Apologetics
* Et Cum Spiritu Tuo
* Eternal Word Television Network (So much more than television)
* The Nazereth Library
* Biblical Evidence for Catholicism.
* The American Chesterton Society
* Apologia - to Offer a Reason
* Frank's Pillar of Truth
* Catholic Families Network
* Thomas' Christian Philosophy Page
* Various Christian Apologetical Resources
* More Catholic Links
* Catholic and Christian Links

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