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Please click on the computer/operating system you use. Other operating systems may be added as I find more resources and if there is a need.

Most of this software is free for life. The software that is not free for life is still free long enough for a dedicated person to get full use out of it. However, I encourage you show your virtues of gratitude and generosity in an appropriate offering to the authors; they work hard so that you might have the benefit of the software.

Although I have not fully explored this software, have no connection with the authors, and cannot promise that it is free from bugs or mistakes, there is every indication that it is theologically quite useful.


Most programs are for Windows 3.1 but should also work in Windows 95. (How much difference do 32 bits make when the task is theology?)

To view the list of available utilities, click here.


~ A Catholic Defense for Protestants: like an advanced help-file. (Self-extracting program.)

~ Puzzling Passages of Scripture and their resolution. Free use for 30 days. (Needs pkunzip.exe or substitute.)

~ Outstanding Writings of the Early Church Fathers in Windows Help file or text format. Those who were taught -often directly- by the apostles, have much to teach us. (Need pkunzip.exe or substitute.)

~ Alexandrian Library of Religion: world Scriptures search-and-study tool. Many texts available, including some Early Church Fathers. (Need pkunzip.exe or substitute.)

~ The Online Bible: includes extraordinary optional components, including several languages of translation, Greek and Hebrew sources, and lexica. (There's More to Come)

Useful/Necessary Utilities

~ Pkunzip.exe and Pkzip.exe. (Self-extracting archive.)

~ A Windows Alternative to Pkunzip with the ability to read included readme.txt files. (Needs to be unzipped before use.)

~ If you download text files which are too big for Notepad or Write, and do not have a Word Processor capable of handling the size, this program is for you: Program File Editor. (Needs pkunzip.exe or substitute.)

(There's more to come.)


To view the list of available utilities, click here.


For older and newer Macs.

~The Online Bible, 1994 version
(Unless otherwise noted, files are Self-Extracing Archives, or SEAs).
~ Table of Contents (text)
~ Readme File (text)
~ Note on Text Source (CCAT) (text)
~ Intro to This Online Bible (text)
~ Central Program Module (needs the disk copy utility, below)
~ Note on KJV-RSV Text Sources (text)
~ Note on KJV-RSV Module (text)
~ King James and Revised Standard Versions, 1 of 5
~ KJV and RSV, 2 of 5
~ KJV and RSV, 3 of 5
~ KJV and RSV, 4 of 5
~ KJV and RSV, 5 of 5
~ About the Cross-References (text)
~ Cross-References (SEA)
~ About the Hebrew Resources (text)
~ Bib. Hebraica Stuttgartensia & Morphology, 1 of 3
~ Hebrew, 2 of 3
~ Hebrew, 3 of 3
~ Intro to Byzantine Greek Text (text)
~ On the Source (CCAT) (text)
~ On Nestle-Aland 26th Ed. Greek NT (text)
~ On the Greek Textus Receptus (text)
~ The Greek Texts
~ Note on Lexicons (text)
~ Lexicons, 1 of 3
~ Lexicons, 2 of 3
~ Lexicons, 3 of 3

~The Online Bible, 1996/7 Updates.
(These files are all in HQX archive format.)
~ Main Module Program (Version 2.5.2)
~ Lexicons, 1 of 3
~ Lexicons, 2 of 3
~ Lexicons, 3 of 3
~ Cross References
~ Bib. Hebraica Stuttgartensia and Morphology, 1 of 3
~ Hebrew Bible, 2 of 3
~ Hebrew Bible, 3 of 3

Mac Utilities

~ Disk Image Installation Utility (for 1994 OLB Main Program Module)
~ SITEX 10 (EXE file)
~ Stuffit-Expander-401 (Binary)
~ Sruffit-Expander-35 (Binary)

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