The Murder Mystery Approach

For those who don't "do theology"

Who Dunnit?

I am working on a challenging mystery, which may be thought of (in part) as as murder mystery. Just to begin with, the true identity of the man above must be properly identified, as well as the manner and types of murder which culminated in the event as seen above, almost two thousand years ago. I invite you to join me and literally billions of others who are more than intrigued.

At one atheist's web page, I read, "So how's your Jesus hanging?" Well, this is how he's hanging.

I can say that if you only think that "a few soldiers killed him," you have not yet solved the mystery, nor discovered his full identity. Nor do we who know his identity necessarily appreciate it enough.

The drama begins outside of time, with God and what He is like, which are found out here by reason alone. (See the Non-Christian's Menu) Next, we must weigh the evidence of the historical accounts of the witnesses, in the Gospels. (See "Beliefs in Brief" in the "Statements of Beliefs" Menu. For the words of the apostles themselves, read the 1 John and the Gospel of Matthew. If you doubt the truth of the Gospels, look again in the "Non-Christians' Menu") The principle enemy of the man comes out of the shadows in the "Current Issues Menu," "On Evil."

This is no ordinary mystery. It is inexhaustible, but not in the sense of denying the intellect.

There are even greater mysteries here, such as why the man did not avoid the murder when he saw it coming. (See "Why God Should Evil Happen" in the "Non-Christians' Menu".) Most characters involved play dual roles, acting sometimes for the man above, sometimes knowingly for the enemy.

You and I enter in at this point, actually participating in what is proven to be clearly the greatest drama of history. The ending of the story is yet to come.

Evidence is not lacking. I believe enough evidence for the full solution can be found at the web page Aedificatio: On the Basis and Beauty of Catholic Belief

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