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Aedificatio: an ediface; the act of building. In Christian lit.: the Church; edification.

Welcome to the Aedificatio!

Every structure of one's thought and religion must be examined, and its excellence be scrutinized. A blind faith is no reliable means to the light, but comparative religion, ecumenism (the movement to unification) and philosophy of religion overlap in apologetics (the defense and critique of beliefs) to bring this light into clear focus. May I suggest that the Church, represented to the left, deserves your special attention. It may surprise you how edifying this analysis proves.

Let's begin with this truth. Christians are commanded to love God not only with the heart, but also with the mind. To the same end non-Christians desire the answer to the obvious question: what is more important than good and evil, virtue, the truth about God and our relationship with Him? Applying ourselves, let us love and enjoy what knowledge and wisdom reveal, developing an acute love of what is Divine (Holy, True, Dignifying) in our intellects.

This site is for the non-Christian and the Christian, the "ordinary man" and the learned. Everyone should find here edifying treatments of the important topics, some with which they will agree, and others which shall challenge them. This also is a gift.

Let any mortal who thinks these are boring click here. Now, there are many excellent websites for apologetics, each specializing in different problems and giving unique contributions. This site intends first to coordinate some of the most accessible and complete of these, in all subjects, from one site. Website directories are excellent and perhaps "fairer," but also more cumbersome. This site secondly offers unique resources such as the passage-by-passage defense of Sacred Scripture.

In short, Catholics from around the world seek to share with you their evidence that the teachings of the Catholic Church make up the message of God who is to be believed, and who implanted the following gifts in his full message.

Doctrinal truth concerning religious matters is complete. There is freedom from error; clarity as opposed to obscurity; utter harmony with logic, science and moral action; and a realistic, comprehensive view of the human condition. One should expect as much of God's revelation, though not because we merit such a gift.

I also try to help you find the arguments against the Catholic Christian position in the Opponents' Menu, so that you can examine both sides of the great debates.

One last thing: if you have a problem with Catholicism or religion because you knew of a wicked representative, or if you simply do not care, or don't wish to take the time to examine the question of which religion is correct, I recommend that you take the question more seriously. Care about what happens after your death, and live life to the fullest!

-Luke Wadel
"As long as the understanding remains unbiased by the passions, it will easily distinguish between truth and falsehood, between real evil masquerading as good, and real good under the false appearance of evil."

- Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, The Spiritual Combat, ch. 8

Copyright 1997, Luke Wadel. Written permission of the author is required for copying, electronically or otherwise.

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