Problems with Email, Slowness, Colors or Screen Layout ...?

(Please click on the type of problem you have.)

E-mail Matters

If you cannot send e-mail in a regular fashion, you can still send me email as long as your browser is normal in that it allows you to fill out forms. Do not worry about it; just click on the "send me e-mail" type messages, and go from there.

If you get no reply from me within a week, then there was either a technical problem, or you did not give me a working email address. In that case, come back in a few days, click back here again, and then click on "See recent anonymous emails with replies." (below) If you see nothing there, try emailing me again; I didn't get your message. I do not expect this problem, but we must anticipate the possibility - the internet occasionally does lose mail.

If you still are not getting replies from me, or if my replies are inadequate, please click here.

See recent anonymous emails with replies.

Speed Problems

If you find that the Geocities server, which houses my web page, hangs, please be patient. Try the STOP button on your browser, wait 20 seconds, and try your link again. If the problem persists, please mail the webmaster.

Do not have too many windows open, and increase the size of your memory cache and disk cache in your Browsers' Options menu and Network Preferences.

I recommend also considering changing to a different screen layout or type (below).

If, for whatever reason, things are still coming in far too slowly and you would sacrifice anything for speed, you can tell your web browser not to load images automatically. See your "Options" or "Settings" menu.

Screen Types and Layouts

"No Frames" VGA screen: click here.
16 colors only. (If you like Frames, the regular SVGA will suffice.)
"No Frames" SVGA/decent color screen: click here.
256 or more colors. No frames.
Narrow browser screen: click here.
For SVGA/decent color monitors. Uses frames. Not updated regularly.

Recommended Default: click here.
For SVGA/decent color. Uses Frames.
Please "Bookmark" or add to your list of "Favorites" the one you like, and visit again.

Other problems

If my site does not meet your needs, you might want to try:

  • Frank's Pillar of Truth
  • Et Cum Spiritu Tuo
  • The Nazereth Library
  • Eternal Word Television Network on the web.

  • If my web page is not exciting enough for you, click here.
  • If you want inclusive language, entertaining animations, etc., please see my site's guidelines.

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