Eilir's Garden of the Humanities

(A haven for those interested in the study of the human culture and ideas)

"...je cherche la région cruciale de l'âme, où le Mal absolu s'oppose à la fraternité.
--André Malraux, Lazare, 1974
"...I seek that essential region of the soul where absolute evil confronts brotherhood."

My name is Eilir Rowan. Welcome to my Garden. This is a place I've set aside to collect specimens of various human endeavours, whether those of great beauty or of deceptive poison. It is to be a study of what makes us human, and what as a species we have in our favour and to our detriment. I do not feel that we can truly exhalt the beauty mankind creates without also acknowledging our weaknesses.

Over time I hope to sow the seeds for this Garden, including links to other sites and perhaps some new varieties of my own. With luck and effort, the it should blossom forth, and hopefully bear fruit. But keep in mind, that for all the wonders of a Garden, it is in Paradise we meet (at least in one mythological cycle) our Fall.

For now I offer the following links to give some idea of what you may see in the coming days here.

Uncertainty--The Future (Do we have one? What will it be like?)
Fruit--The Present & Recent Past (1945-today)
Flowers--The Modern Era (1789-1945 C.E.)
Buds--The Early Modern Period (circa1600-1789 C.E.)
Leaves--The Renaissance (circa 1400-circa1600 C.E.)
Stems--The Mediaeval Era (circa 500-circa 1400 C.E.)
Roots--Ancient Mysteries (circa 2000 B.C.E.-500 C.E.)
Seeds--Prehistory (until circa 2000 B.C.E.)
The Gardener's Tale (Or, a little about me, and links to other sites I like)

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