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I know that I hung....on a windswept tree,
nights all-nine,
wounded by spear.....bespoken to Odhinn,
myself to myself,
on that tree........of which no man knoweth
from what roots it rises.
Neither horn they upheld.....nor handed me bread,
I looked down;
I took up the runes......roaring I took them,
and fell back again.


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Asatru Links


The Troth
Irminsul Page
Raven Online
Frigga's Web - A Frithstead For All Heathen Folk
Asatru Folk Assembly
Angelseaxisce Ealdriht
Assembly of The Elder Troth
Indiana Asatru Council
Forn Sišr


Hrimfaxi Hearth
Kindred of Ravenswood
Northvegr: The Northern Way
Fiskioern Kindred
The Great Ash Kindred
Nordstrom Kindred
Northern Hammer Hearth
Thrudheim Kindred
Wolfgar Freehold


Re-Enactment Groups

Regia Anglorum
Regia Anglorum America
The Vikings (N.F.P.S.)

Myths & Legends

Norse & Teutonic Myths & Legends
Anglo-Saxon Charms
The Sons of Odin: Herioc Analysis of the Volsunga Saga
Germanic Goddesses
Germanaic Mythology
Anglo-Saxon Charms


Eddas,Sagas, & Other Artcles of Interest

The Battle of Maldon
The Eddas
Cormac's Saga
Grettir's Saga
Njal's Saga
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Asser's Life of King Alfred
The Battle of Brunanburh
Anglo Saxon Chronicle
The Battle of Hastings
On the knife-edge: Seidr-working and the Anthropologist
Electronic Beowulf
The Story of the Ere-Dwellers
The Story of the Heath Slayings
Matheliende Anglo--Saxon Newsletter
Our Troth
The Danish History
Įsa: Norse Mythology Source Texts



Rune Guild
Runesmith's HomePage
Sunny's Runes Page
Nordic Magic Healing



Anglo-Saxon Books
World Tree Publications
Kirby D. Wise - Arms & Armor
Brisingamen Traditional Jewelry
Runa-Raven Press
A Viking jewelry. Scandinavia jewelry.
Dragonscale Home Page
Viking & Anglo Saxon Drinking Horns by Bohemond & Raymond
The Jelling Dragon - Viking Museum Replicas
Raymond's Quiet Press
Ragweed Forge
Wyrd's Way
Viking Answer Lady Gifts


Food & Drink

The Bee's Lees
The Mead Maker's Page
Auntie Audhumla's Guide To Norse Feasting
Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes
A Norse Spice Chest
Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
The Meadery
Beehive Oven
Regia Anglorum: Oven Building

Archaeology & History

Jorvik Viking Center
Medieval Archaeology-Cemeteries
Digging for Vikings
The Sutton Hoo Society
The Viking Expeditions from Central Sweden (700-1000)
Vikings in America
Viking Trail
The Fate of Greenland's Vikings
Viking Dublin
Female Grave from the Viking Age

Personal Pages

Myth's of Asgard
Grundairs Hearth
Freya Aswynn's Homepage
Jenny's Heathen Hearth

Arts & Crafts

Viking Age Metal-casting
Build a Warp Weighted Loom
The Warp-Weighted Loom: Some Sources
Lothene's Craft Activities
Asatru Offerings, Heathen Harrows


Other Pages Of Interest

The World of the Vikings
The Viking Times
Asatru Tree of Life
Old English at UVA
The Viking Answer Lady Webpage
Ša Engliscan Gesiđšas Home Page


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