" The mind must not only possess a knowledge of truth, but the soul must revere it, cherish it, love it as a priceless gem."
-- Joseph Smith
" For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate error so long as reason is free to combat it."
-- Thomas Jefferson
" The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed but that he cannot believe anyone else."
-- George Bernard Shaw
" If you tell a man the truth you don't have to remember anything."
-- Mark Twain
" The most exhausting thing in life, I have discovered, is being insincere."
-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
" All things which make noise at the side of the path do not come down the path."
--African Proverb
" It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery
" A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."
--Mark Twain
" To be known, the truth must be stated and the clearer and more complete the statement is, the better the opportunity will the Holy Spirit have for testifying to the souls of men that the work is true."
--B.H. Roberts
" The men in America people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
--HL Mencken
" Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger."
--Franklin P. Jones
" Most writers regard the truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are economical in its use."
--Mark Twain
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