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Hello, this is Andy Wijaya.I'm from Indonesia. I love to make friend. Born 12 December 1974 in Surabaya. I'm 22. Last time I check I'm a man.
I'm a melancholys man. (Writen in Indonesian, I wrote this article!)
As a melancholys, the good things about me are:
I'm romantic. I love candle light, calm people. I have a good appreciation on beauty. The view of nature always impresse me.

M e l a n c h o l y s

Some Keyword to Describe My Self:

(I took these from the book "Personality Puzzle")
Analytical -Persistent -Self-Sacrificin -Considerate -Respectful -Sensitive -Planner -Scheduled -Orderly -Faithful -Detailed -Cultured -Idealistic -Deep -Musical -Thoughtful -Loyal -Chartmaker -Perfectionist -Behaved
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I live with my sister and brothers ... and my stupid dog *Mickey* at Jalan Tenggilis Timur BB-15 Surabaya. :) My phone number is 62-31-8490574.

My hobbies are: Home computer, listening to the music, reading books, and internet.
I am an Industrial Engineering student in University of Surabaya, Surabaya-Indonesia. I spend lot of time in the computer lab's internet, surfing in the cyberspace. I would be happy to receive your message. Tell me about your self and I'll tell you 'bout my self. My e-mail address is

Please FEEL FREE to send me a mail, OK?

GREAT STUFF!!! If you wanna know your own kind of temperament.
Now after you read all that melancholys stuff, It's normal if you become curious to know wether you yourself are a sanguinis, melancholys, choleryc or a phlegmatic. =:P This is a questionare taken from "Personality Puzzle". Just click and submit. Don't miss it! (and...please read the book, too)

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University of Surabaya- My Lovely University in Indonesia

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