Barbara Bowen
  Barbara Bowen is a professional writer/photographer and founder of GATEWAYS, transitional coaching for Arts Professionals. Her method is based in spirituality and inspired by Jungian psychology and the myth traditions.

Ms. Bowen has extensive training in healing arts and, and holds certification from the National Association of Poetry Therapy. She is affiliated with Union Theological Seminary, and The Healing Arts Network at The Energy Center, BKLN.

Through many trials and pitfalls, Barbara found inspiring and healing models in Carl Jung and others who helped her to live from her creative core, and to actualize a deeper sense of calling. The GATEWAYS method is a unique integration of basic Jungian ideas and other models, and is a fulfilling way of sharing valuable tools with others. Barbara found invaluable keys to creativity in the symbolic values of myth and dreams, which offered stunning "windows" into her own creative process, and motivated her study. Gateways has been inspired primarily by the works of C.G. Jung, Jean Houston, Robert Fritz, and Joseph Campbell.

Barbara has been involved in many aspects of artistic expression for over 20 years. She had a successful business in photography for 12 years in Chicago. During that time, she was continuously immersed in the visual arts, with emphasis on theatre and film. Many of her scipts had productions. She supervised scripts for La Barraca Theatre and Vital Visions Productions in Chicago. She has taught numerous creative workshops to children and adults.

She is currently developing a travel series that explores themes relating to human consciousness and transformation. She is also writing articles on the healing aspects of creativity. Her most recent articles have appeared in Spirituality and Health Magazine, and Traveler's Tales: Turkey edition. Other contributions will soon appear in Health Magazine and Body Mind Spirit Magazine, online.

Barbara's photography is represented by Solus Images, New York.

More on Carl Jung:

Barbara's creative life has been deeply influenced by the works of the depth psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. His central ideas also inform the core of the Gateways method. Jung viewed the unconscious as a repository of wisdom. He asserted that human growth is an inner process whereby the "shadow" (or hidden) elements may emerge into the light of consciousness to empower our creativity, and bring us closer in touch with nature, self, society, and spirit. By living more richly and fully, we enlarge our lives. Jung gave us valuable tools for building bridges between spirit and nature, mind and body, self and universe. Gateways is devoted to building bridges between creative calling and actualization of that calling. GATEWAYS employs universal themes to shed light on the Creative Process, and to help clients deepen insight. Universals provide "windows" into creativity. As we look into this universal, our uniqueness is revealed, and we are empowered by the understandings gained. In this way, the window has become a "mirror."