Forty-Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

F.M. Hills Enlists.

In June of 1861, F. M. Hills sent a letter to Governor Andrew Curtin, of Pennsylvania. The purpose was two fold. 1) F. M. wanted to re-enter the military, and 2) he wanted to recruit a company of volunteers. His letter was prominently returned, authorizing him to recruit and also offering him a commission of Captain. That very afternoon he began top recruit members of his company. He named his group the "Freemont Rangers" for the famed John C. Freemont the "Old Pathfinder". By mid September most of the men needed to form the company had been recruited and they were awaiting further instruction. This was a short wait for in October they were ordered to Camp Curtin, outside Harrisburg, and were mustered into service on October 21, 1861

When the Bugle Trumps brave and valiant persons are driven to respond to its call. Such was the life of Francis M. Hills. First, as a young lad of seventeen, he heard the patriotic melody of the brass while on a business trip for his father. The more the trump sounded the more driven he became until at Gettysburg in in the mid 1840's, he could ignore it no more. He enlisted in the army to fight Mexico.While in the Mexican War, our young hero was given the opportunity to meet many young and still unknown officers; some of which would become close friends and still others would become great foes.
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