Presidential Libraries
Interenet Links to State Governments

General History Links

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Alaska State Library, Archives Division

American Jewish Historical Society

American Library Association Archives

American Memory Collections

Archives of American Art

Beaton Institute Archives, Cape Breton Island

Bishop Museum, Hawaii

Boston Congregational Library

Boston Public Library Special Collections

Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies

Black Film Center Archive

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

California Historical Society

Connecticut State Archives

Chicago Historical Society

Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center

Cleveland Public Library Special Collections

Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York Harbor

Florida State Archives

Georgia Department of Archives and History

Getty Art History Information Program

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

Houston Public Library

Hawaiian Historical Society

Hawaii State Archives

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

International Archive of Women in Architecture

Indiana Historical Society

Indiana State Archives

Kansas State Historical Society

Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Linda Hall Library

Lutheran Brotherhood Foundation Reformation Research Library

Library of Congress Manuscripts Division

Library of Congress Special Collections

Los Angeles Public Library Rare Books Collection

Maine State Archives

Maryland State Archives

Michigan Historical Center / State Archives

Missouri Historical Society

Missouri State Archives

Montana Historical Society

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Miami-Dade Public Library

Milwaukee Public Museum

NASA Historical Archive

NASA Kennedy Space Center

National Air and Space Museum

National Museum of American Art/National Portrait Gallery

National Museum of American History

National Trust for Historical Preservation Library

New York Public Library Research Libraries

New Brunswick, Provincial Archives of

New Hampshire Division of Records Management and Archives

New Hampshire Historical Society

New York State Archives & Records Administration

New York State Library

North Carolina Division of Archives and History

Organization of American States Columbus Memorial Library

Ohio Historical Society

Oregon State Archives

Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Mass.

Pennsylvania, Historical Society of

Pennsylvania State Archives

Political Commercial Archive

Rhode Island State Archives

South Carolina Historical Society

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Schoenberg Archives

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Smithsonian Institution

Southwest Jewish Archives

World War 1... Trenches on the Web

Thomas Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, New Jersey

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Texas State Archives

Utah State Archives and Records Service

Utah State Historical Society

Virginia, Library of

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

West Virginia State Archives

Wisconsin, State Historical Society of

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