Newspapers Across America

Between this page and the following page there are more than 175 newspapers from around the country and the world linked from here. It is my hope that you will explore these many cultures to see how they percieve the news.

I have found it extreemly intersting to look at how other countries view out policies and politics. It is also amazing that we can have access to papers such as from Russia, and other once Soviet Block nations at our finger tips.

Don't worry too much about the language differences, because unlike American newspapers, most European papers offer multi-language editions.

All of these links have been tested and are functional as of November 15, 1996.

Some of these will be "subscription", but most of them are "free". Have fun, I do!

Even though I subcribe to Blue Ribbon Campaign as well as the Gold Key Campaign, it is my sincere hope that users of these pages will understand that we will be having younsters use these pages for school research as well as play. Please make any comments accordingly. Please use "church acceptable vocabulary.

Thank You.


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