Conversations on Morality

Discussions on the History of Conscience and Ethics


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Introduction: Prolegomenon

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  1. On The Jefferson Bible

  2. A Q-Based Biography of Jesus

  3. Jefferson's Moral Principles

  4. Jefferson's Moral Principles, Cont'd

  5. Rights, Morality & Government

  6. The Sources of Morality

  7. The Sources of Morality, Cont'd

  8. Jefferson on Epicurus

  9. Early Atheists & Morality

  10. Early Atheists & Morality, Cont'd

  11. Jean Meslier's Mon Testament

  12. Jean Meslier's Mon Testament, Cont'd

  13. Were Our Great Ethical Thinkers All in the Past?

  14. Where Have All the Great Men Gone?

  15. Evolution and Morality

  16. A Moral Prospectus

  17. A Moral Prospectus, Cont'd

  18. Conclusions(?)

THE exchanges on these pages began on the Newsgroup, "," under the subject, "Re: Sense of Morality," on January 24, 1997. The discussion was moved to this website in order to make it available to a larger number of participants and to put it in a more readable and lasting format. The discussions are presented here with a minimum of editing; the text is in a subject-related order, rather than in the sequence in which it occurred on the Newsgroup.

    Visitors to this website are encouraged to join in these conversations by posting their comments, questions, etc., in the form provided at the bottom of each page. Comments will be posted temporarily in the order received, and in their original form, on the Recent Postings Page (See also Table of Contents to your left). Those same postings will be included permanently under the proper headings on these pages. The discussion here is moderated but not censored. Only improper or unrelated comment will be excluded. In general, all comments should be directed to the editor, not directly to any other person who has posted a message. Please bear in mind that comments are not posted automatically, but usually within one or two days.


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