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These essays apply knowledge in economics, history, jurisprudence, political science, philosophy, social psychology, sociology, communications science and management science in an attempt to resolve problems of the world community.

In matters such as financial reform, WorldCity Essays support the community-focused, non-conformist legacy of statesmen such as Thomas Jefferson against the opportunist mimicry of corporate nihilism. also offers the WorldCity Discussion List. To subscribe to the list, send an email to:

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Sri Lanka's Economic Holocaust:
From Dr. Milton Friedman to Gen. Colin Powell

      by Wendell Solomons
A review of the precedents for Sri Lanks's economic troubles, with suggestions for a solution.

A Letter to the Ambassadors
      by Wendell Solomons
A letter to the ambassadors of the United States and of Norway to accompany the above essay.

Far West? How Ayn Rand Instead
Scripted You for No Man's Land

      by Wendell Solomons
An analysis of Ayn Rand's philosophy and its aspects of Russian nihilism which she implanted in America.

Neoliberalism as Salesmanship and Social Ethics
      by Wendell W. Solomons
Current economic doctrine is designed to support salesmen for international loan sharks. Recent quips on IMF/World Bank policy intended as horseplay by Milton Friedman, the doctrine's main promoter, bring that out. Friedman hitched a ride on U.S. Federal resources when appointed Presidential advisor in 1976. He began to proliferate an anti-social ideology and cult of self-worship; events since that year show how the misapplication of U.S. resources is destabilizing world economy, society and polity.

Saturday's Miracle
      by Wendell W. Solomons
The unknown but historic alert of July 1992 to the World Bank's Lawrence Summers. Summers, promoted to Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration, was de facto convener of U.S. consultants for reforms in Russia. The alert presents you with the text of an explanation why the selected reform model would contribute to an upswing in global weapons proliferation and criminality. The warning was issued before the proposed Russian reforms were begun by Summers' Harvard crony, a specialist with Latin American experience and thus fundamentally unqualified as compared with others, to tackle the huge superpower's centrally planned economy for the U.S.AID-financed consultancy.

An Inconvenient History
      by Anne Williamson
The corruption of the Russian economy is a direct result of U.S. sponsored aid programs. This is not nation building, but a "an utterly irresponsible form of colonialism."

Why We Count Seconds in Units of 60
      by Wendell W. Solomons
How our way of dividing time, angles and calculating financial interest arose in ancient times.

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