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See the Comics Librarianship Page for links to online resources that may be useful to those interested in comics librarianship, scholarship, and related fields.

Librarianship links:

In Association with

The American Library Association

The Florida Library Association

The Internet Public Library Reference Desk

Librarians Serving Genealogists

Library Juice newsletter

Library-oriented lists and electronic serials

The Lipstick Librarian
Must be seen to be believed!

Virtual Reference Desk. Access to many online reference sources (almanacs, dictionaries, etc.)

Library job listings:

Chronicle of Higher Education's Job Openings in Academe

Florida Community Colleges: Position Vacancies

Florida Library Jobline

Library Job Postings on the Internet

State University System of Florida Position Vacancy Listings

Tampa Bay Library Consortium--Jobs

Science Fiction links:

The South Florida Science Fiction Society
SFSFS puts on a convention every year, Tropicon, which is very cool and you should go.

The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
The IAFA is a scholarly organization devoted to the study of the fantastic in literature and the arts. of fandom

The Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University
Popular fiction, including science fiction and fantasy, predominates this collection of more than 110,000 cataloged books. BGSU also has collections of comic books, graphic novels, pulp magazines and fanzines.

Heron SF Collection
At Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Science Fiction Foundation Collection
At the University of Liverpool Library.

Miscellaneous links:

National Geographic Magazine
Always has interesting articles.

The Fourth Turning
By the authors that brought us Generations: The History of America's Future (a brilliant, imo, theory of generational cycles), this book expands on predictions for the next phase of the current cycle. I urge you to read these books, they're great. This web site provides some information about the book, discussion of related topics, and a monthly column on current events as they relate to the authors' theory.
You can also view more info on the book at
To take a look at their previous books, more Amazon links below:

Generations: the History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069
The book you should probably read first. This lays out the whole theory, and it's a good history lesson, too.

13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?
This is the book that got me interested initially.

Misc. Resources
This is a nice collection of links to resources and utilities.

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