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Currently not being updated. At all.

Heya! Just a quick update to this site to point you over to my blog. The blog is a little easier for me to update, so I do it more regularly. Plus, it doesn't have the huge obnoxious ad to the right that this site has. It also lets readers leave comments about entries. So it is better in many ways. Again the blog is here so go to it.

Also, this website is pretty poorly designed and ugly. Please stop looking at it and just go to my blog. Seriously.

Everything that was in this section was totally wrong and out of date. Honestly, you should be going to this place to know what is going on with me. Why are you still here?

I do still maintain the Tongue Twister Database, but haven't updated it in three years. I really need to. I. I have over one hundred Tongue Twisters and it is one of the oldest Tongue Twister pages on the Internet. Be sure to visit it. I would appreciate any input.

This stuff is all going to be wrong too. It was last updated years ago. So don't bother clicking.






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