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Welcome To Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet

At the left is a complete listing of everything on this site.

Stay tuned to this page for info on updates, changes, & answers to questions about this site.

Many people are surprised to find my site so bland looking. I have done this purposely. For starters, the pages always load faster without graphics. That allows everyone quick access whether or not you have access to a high speed modem. It also allows me to have more space to bring you information that you can use.

I personally am not thrilled with frames & therefore you won't find them here. That way, you can bookmark the pages that you are interested in & get right to them without having to go to the front page. You may still want to check back here for any news about updates.

I was once asked why I include info such as whether a particular site was Christian or non-Christian & why don't I just put up the "good ones." Well, I'm going to answer that right here. I set up this site to help EVERYONE. Some people are offended when they stumble on sites that have a particular religious or non-religious bent to them. This way, THEY can decide if this is a site they want to check out. As for just putting up the best sites, many times that decision is a subjective one at best. Most of the sites on here have either requested to be here, were places that I found that I thought were cool or helpful, &/or were recommended by other homeschoolers on the message boards or e-mail loops I frequent.

Another good question is why is this site updated so infrequently? I am only one person. I am now only homeschooling 1 teenager who is losing her motivation. On top of that, I have a house to run, friends I depend on who depend on me, starting a local support group & trying to organize activities, & all of the usual stay-at-home mom-type stuff to do. I am not an organized person by nature & tend to forget about things if I don't do them while I am thinking of them. If I took the time to check for dead links every day or to add each site that requested a link immediately, I would never get the daily stuff done that my family depends on me to take care of.

Another reason that updates are time consuming & take longer is that I check each one individually & try to give a concise, but thorough, description of the board in an attempt to save you time. This allows you to just find the info that you need or want rather than wading through information that doesn't fit your needs. For example, if you are looking for biology worksheets for a 2nd grader, why would you want to check out a lot of sites aimed at high school & college level kids?

According to the software I am using to find dead links, when I have the time, there are over 2000 links here. That is a lot to keep up with! If you find a dead link, please let me know what it is, which page it was on, &, if you happen to find what page it moved to. This will really help me stay on top of them & make the board more enjoyable to everyone!

I am also starting to do major updates/revamps of various pages to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I will be adding A LOT more links, hope to add a search function, & should have an e-mail loop set up by the end of the year to notify people of updates. I am also considering allowing people to d/l the site to their hard drive to keep down the traffic so that this page won't be temporarily shut down so often. PLEASE be patient; this will ALL take time!

Updates & Changes

March 27, 2004 - Added links to Software Review, Local Support, & Software Manufacturers pages.

February 11, 2004 - Added links to the local support, software catalogs, educational software companies, special needs, e-mail loops, homeschool conferences, educational tv, homeschooling magazines, & used curriculum pages.

February 11, 2004 - Added links to the local support, conference, foreign language, online classes, educational television, science, art and music, how to homeschool, & encyclopedia pages.

February 10, 2004 - I have finally caaght up with the dead links. I will now start adding new ones as I find the time!

January 20, 2004 - I'm about half way through fixing/deleting the dead links. I have left a few links that I suspect are having server problems up, but most of them are either getting fixed or deleted. I should be caught up by the end of the week. Then I will start updating!

January 19, 2004 - I'm still working on fixing/deleting all of the dead links. In the meantime, I have added a website to the kids page, an e-mail loop, & started redesigning the lesson plan section. The first of the new pages is life science/biology & you can get there either through the science link or by clicking on the previous link.

January 17, 2004 - I'm getting rid of all of the dead links! I will be working on this on & off all day, so make sure you refressh your favorite pages often to be sure that you have the newest version!

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