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Recently I have got a message from Sergey Gribov. He is maintaining the list of the 239 school graduates. Now you can see
the WWW version of this list.

This is Alexander Bacharev's
List of 45 FMSH alumni.
His page contains other related stuff, among them links to
List of 30 school alumni
List of 566 school alumni
List of 292 school alumni

And this is
SovInformBureau by Vadim Maslov in Maryland. Very nostalgic!

With greetings from Nethrelands
Viktor Tchistyakov. Check out his interesting links!
And this is
Volodya Livshits, he was working in Editorial Board.
With all best wishes (and "under permanent construction page") from Israel
Michail Ginzburg!
Cyril Slobin maintains the EGLADOR page concerning on Tolkienints writing (sorry, in Russian only!). You can found there Senta's poetry and a lot of other interesting stuff.
Golden Woods by Mithrilian -- another nice Tolkienint site! It is the part of ARDA-NA-KULICHIKAH

Want to know WHO is Voltron? Welcome to
EXCALIBUR! I've collected here Voltron fanfiction over the Web.

and finally, there is
my Star Tower.

Olga Danilova, a.k.a. Almira