What we are?

A team of Petersburg schoolchildren, students and their professors established a new magazine in middle 1992, while resting together in a summer mathematical camp, called later

It was aimed to join all those interested young people in discussion of their worries. The first issue was ready early in 1993.

We published eight issues of the magazine since 1993. Right now, the publication is kept by the "EVEREST --- The Third Pole" publishers.

Our topics

Magazine covers lots of fields. We follow the life of schoolchildren and students of the city, musical festivals, subject competitions and olympiads. Much attention is paid to problems from various olympiads and examinations and to scientific publications. As well, we introduce literature samples by young authors, most of them being their first ever published.

The Literature Club
Mathematics and more...
The Next to last News
The School Life
The Folklore
The Pedagogical Surveys
Scouting, "communarship" and other unions' history is discussed there.
The Intellectual Games
"Belles Letters"
The literature raritets
J.R.R.T. et al
The name is speaks for itself.
"The Literature Software"
Computer-science humor
and much more...

The Third Pole editorial board

Tatiana Belyaeva
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Anastasia Brodotskaya
St.-Petersburg University, Philological department, classical philology group
Anastasia Vinogradova
St.-Petersburg University, Philological department, mathematical linguistic group
Evgeny Dorofeev
Natalia Zharkovskaya
Igor Zhukov
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department, Higher Algebra and Number Theory Chair
Sergey Ivanov
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Ruslan Ismailov
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Grigory Kronin
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Konstantin Lavrov
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Olga Pavlova
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department
Andrey Sudakov
S.-Petersburg department of Mathematical Institute RAS
Ignat Fialkovsky
St.-Petersburg University, Department of Physics,
Margarita Fominykh
St.-Petersburg University, Math&Mech Department

How to contact us

Contact Phone

164-26-67 (Evgeny Dorofeev)
261-35-80 (Konstantin Lavrov)

Postal address

192071, S.-Petersburg, pr. Slavy, 36, flat 84
"The Third Pole" magazine


Dorofeev@pdmi.ras.ru (Evgeny Dorofeev)
almira@www.niimm.spb.su (Olga Danilova)