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The History of Superhero Comic Books

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To my shame, this page was last updated on July 22nd, 1998

Well, I'm back on geocities again. Something happened with my server and I'm not sure what. So until I get my own domain name, you'll have to put up with all the annoying stuff geocities punishes you with for visiting them. Although if you are using Internet Exploror, you'll get a javascript error instead of the popups. On the plus side you get a guestbook to sign into again. I've removed the front page hitcounter as I but there is still an stats thing on the Welcome page. I've also removed most of my awards and many of the websites that gave them to me are no longer around.

The latest addition to the page, is the 1989 CCA Guidelines. To my knowledge this is the only webpage where you can see these guidelines!

I've gotten some work done on Non-Superhero Comic Books, but as I complete something, I find out more new information. The more I learn, the more I find out just how much I don't know about this wacky business. Sitting on my Harddrive is history on most non-superhero comics from the 30's to 60's. Now I'm working on a Platinum Age section, as it is extremely important to how the comic industry formed. Just how important you'll find out when it's finished.

Also close do being done are the transcripts to the 1954 Subcommitte hearings on Juvenile Delinquency and comic books. These are the somewhat famous hearings where US Senators questioned many people from the industry, waiving shocking pictures from crime and horror comics and asking for explainations. I'm more than half way done with this so it should be up soon. Already on the page is the Senate Interim Report that was made after the hearings. Read it to find out the reaction of the Senators before and after the Comics Code Authority was created.

When all this is done and ready, I'll be fixing up my superhero history as there are things I want to add, rewrite and fix. I am also still going to do a section on non-American comic books because they are important too! Some international visitors have already e-mailed me helping out in this subject, if you are one of them, I still have your e-mail & address and I haven't forgot you. I will get to this.. one year.

To everyone else thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay.

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