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We invite you to join a Geocities Athens community project. Athens has a dream, and you can be a part of it! Our dream is to look into the approaching new century - no less!

What will the XXI century be like? What major changes are waiting us all, in our everyday lives, our moral values, family relationships, psychological attitudes, scientific views, religious beliefs, etc.? We want to form our collective VISION OF THE FUTURE.

We will put it on to a web-site, advertise it as widely as possible, draw maximum attention to it, and tell every visitor to bookmark this address for 20 years at least (we all expect Geocities to live to that time). And many years later we and our children can compare our present thoughts and expectations with new age realities.

This is the a first, preparatory stage. (Second approaches quickly now). What we ask of you all now is to answer one question:

Suppose there is an oracle or prophet or time-traveler coming back from the XXI century. What question would you ask him? (and don't be shy - you may ask as many questions as you like!)

If in doubt - look what other people had asked.

Every week we choose the most serious and well formulated question submitted to the project and place it here as Golden Question to the Future. All authors of those questions receive "Prophetic Insight" Award. Yours can be here, too!

The future. Seeing into the future and predicting what will come has been an obsession with humans for as long as history can see. What will become of our world? I have no doubt that the world will survive, it always has.

What I wonder is, would we still be able to recognize it? Will children in the distant future struggle to comprehend our current state of living? Will things be better or worse? Is there even such a thing as better or worse?

I'm sure that there will always be problems. If we solve the problems of our current times, assuredly new ones will crop up in the future. What we need really ask is, will we learn how to deal with having these problems and to go on enjoying life as we work on solving them?

SunShineOne, 16, USA
Best questions (and all Golden Questions surely) will be used for the Universal Futuristic Survey on the Stage 2 of this project.And you can leave your trace in the history of XX century and enter the history of XXI centurybefore it actually began just by submitting good question and signing it!Of course, you can submit anonymous questions and leave all glory to others.

And we announce "Prophetic Insight Award" for people and organisations on the Web whose concern for the future brings more optimism and hope into the Universe.Read who can receive this award and meet first award winners.

And now - to work!
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Your questions to the future

Also we know that there are many thinkers and prophets among Athens residents. Some of you have already written essays, stories, poems, etc. about the forthcoming century. Please, submit links to your page (or any vision of the future or prophecy you have seen on the Net) and we will put it into the Visions and Prophets Forum.

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Futurism is not the most popular subject on the Net yet, but there are Futuristic Resources all over the Web. We are collecting them all and if you know any - please tell us:

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This section is for ambitious people only!

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Thank you for cooperation!
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Some letters to this project appeared to be so serious and constructive that there is a new section opened - visionary polemic.

If you are interested in this project - help us!


In the nearest future we are opening Vision of the Future Bulletin Board and will be collecting not only the questions but also the answers. Bulletin Board's opening is scheduled on 20th of May 1997.(So Stage 2 is near!)

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