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Welcome to my online Silat resource website. This site is meant to help those interested in Silat get some perspective of the art especially the fighting philosophy and practical applications of techniques in combat situations.

Who can use this site?

I created this site because I remember as someone new to Silat many years ago, I had many questions and doubts. It was difficult to find some one who can answer them in a satisfactory manner. Over the years I have made acquaintances with many people in the Silat community and have found the answers to many of these questions. I have to confess however that I have sort of been relegated to the rather dubious position of armchair martial artist due to my current professional commitment as a manager at Fuji Xerox Malaysia, which is part of Xerox. My martial arts skill is currently a purely academic matter...:-)

I appreciate however the fact that in many countries such as in Europe and the United States there is a lot of interest in Silat but people have a very difficult time in getting the resources to learn Silat and understand what it is. This site can be used as a starting point for discussions with their peers and guru's to help Silat enthusiasts enhance their knowledge and develop their own personal system of combat as practised by the PENDEKARS.

Last year I wrote 3 articles that Christopher Benson was kind enough to publish at FIGHT ONLINE MAGAZINE:-





The last one is new and unpublished. These 4 articles should serve to give an idea of the art and the kind of culture that we grew up in as a student of Silat in Malaysia or Indonesia. One cannot internalize an art without understanding and adopting to some degree the attitudes and culture of the society from which that art originated.

You can distribute these articles freely provided that you attach my name, e-mail address and also this website address.

Examples Of Techniques

I have also added a picture gallery showing some of the photo's taken by me of my friends in action. There is also a series of photos on "melipat" techniques. I am beginning with some simple concepts but as time goes by, I will add to the degree of complexity in the techniques presented here. With Geoplus I can do this untill my 10megabytes of disk space are fully utilized.

Having been an avid photographer and video enthusiast, much of the materials here come from my private collection accumulated over the years. There are private training sessions, competition in Silat Olahraga(Sports Silat) and many more.

Photo Gallery

Melipat 1 (Amir and Mukhriz)

Melipat 2 (Bapak Engku and Ho)

Amir In Action - Silat Olahraga(Sports Silat)

(New!) Controlling Your Opponent.

A numberof these photos were published in our local Malaysian PENDEKAR magazine, now no longer in circulation. You'll have to be patient as the file sizes are pretty big so you might experience some slow downloads. For those who are just beginning in your journey in the martial arts, this can be a starting point for discussion with your gurus.

I will also be adding to this collection on a regular basis so do come back from time to time as you will see the list grow. I have added photo's of my friend and colleague, Mohamad Amiruddin Othman in a Silat Olahraga competition a few years back.

I do not claim to be an expert in the martial arts. My wish is that these articles will help students of the martial arts think about their personal system of self defense. There is no ultimate truth in my opinion as far as techniques or styles are concerned. Only paradigms that will if we choose, limit our true potential.

This is why, the central theme in my articles have been the term PENDEKAR or Pandai Akal. Above all, it is the human mind that reigns supreme. That we must never forget. Do not let our prejudices blind us to other points of view.

What else would you like to see? You can e-mail me your comments to rajamusti at

I would appreciate it if you can sign my guest book, any constructive comments will be highly welcomed as I am trying to constantly improve this site.

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