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Castles in the Sky


What am I doing? Where did this thought come from?

For quite some time I have been wanting to move my webpage away from this server, but something has been holding me back. Perhaps it was time. I started building this site at GeoCities on August 26, 1996, and five years is a long time to call someplace "home". But over the past year and thoughout the take over of GeoCities by Yahoo, this has become less and less my home. They have "improved their service" and with each "improvement" I began having less and less desire to update my page.

I love HTML, I love hard coding pages and attempting to give a part of myself to others by use of graphics, style and text. In an effort to rediscover this love within myself -- I must move this site. GeoCities is no longer the home I remember. From this point forward, you can find me here:

Give me until the end of September to have it completely updated.