"I guess I can put two and two together." (woman to Nick Charles)
"Sometimes the answer's four and sometimes it's twenty-two." (Nick)
(Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man, 1934)

The Coptic Gospel of Thomas in Context

Formerly called "The Codex II Student Resource Center" (C2SRC), this is
a resource center for independent research related to Nag Hammadi Codex II.
Featuring the Web's first complete Coptic/English translation of the Gospel of Thomas.

Video: The Lost Gospel of Thomas (A YouTube clip condensing parts 2 and 3 of
... a 9-part YouTube video of a BBCFour TV program of unknown date (Dec 2007?)
... featuring Stephen Emmel, Bart Ehrman, and stunning views of the Coptic manuscript)
The Lost Gospels (Beginning of the complete 9-part YouTube video, total 1.5 hrs)

Grondin's Interlinear Coptic/English translation of The Gospel of Thomas

Other English Translations of Codex II Texts
... (see Op-Ed piece below about Meyer-Patterson translations)

The bindings of Codex II (back cover, front cover, binding flap)
Facsimiles of pages 32-51 (The Gospel of Thomas)
The tau-rho, or staurogram, in the "cross saying" (#55)
"Maps" of the Nag Hammadi Codices

Selected Coptic Fonts & Transliterations

Selected Sources for the Study of Codex II

Op-Ed Pieces
No Man's Land: The Meyer-Patterson Family of Translations (Jun, '08)
The DeConick Phenomenon (Feb, '07)
The Strange Case of the Nancy Johnson Translation (Dec, '06)
How Many Books Were in the Jar? (Nov, '06)
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