Following is a list of my projects and abilities:

Athens Graphics Team Coordinator:

The graphics team not only helps homesteaders with graphics problems due to lack of tools, or talent, but also organizes projects such as the CL site Exchange. Visit our webpage to join the team, ask for help, or participate in one of our projects.

Site Critiquer:

As an Athens Site Critiquer, I review submitted sites assigned to me, and recommend what might improve the page's quality and ease, or what might be a good direction for it to go in.

Block Scanner:

Every CL participates in Block scanning. In this activity, I choose a group of blocks, and go through them to not only look for violations (i.e. Nudity), but also great sites that deserve more attention, or sites that need a little help, and might not know where to turn.

Homesteader Help:

Now, contrary to my name, I am not a Java or JavaScript expert. However, I am learning, due to the demand (I hate passing the buck). However, I am experienced in HTML, graphics, FTP, and Geocities tools. Many times homesteaders will contact me with a question or two about their page. I always try to look at the page and recreate the problem. Usually I have a two-day turnaround.

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