There's this not so wonderful book out there called Grrlz (or something like that) that basically describes a new race of femanazis that the world doesn't need. This book spouts that men are all scum, and all the men today are responsible for all the sufferings of women in the past, and are no good except for sex.

First off, I am a woman, and this offends me. Sure, I know some real jerks, but on the average, I know as many female counterparts, if not more. Men and women are no different, despite what we like to say. Our languages are simply different. Our instilled needs and wants and goals are different, but still there. Men are raised to watch football; women are raised to watch Titanic. If we wish, we can break out of these paradigms and expand our desires to what might be natural, and not environmental.

Grrls are not breaking out of any paradigms; they are simply trading the old for the new. This is no better than remaining in soap opera land, for their views of the world remain narrow and exclusive. Now, instead of making role models out of Donna Reed, they'll use Courtney Love, someone who has never impressed me. It takes no energy to be pitiful looking, or bank off the grunge society. And to say all penetration is rape, then conjure up a nice little queue of boyfriends is not only contradictory, but it shows a total lack of true character. She says things to shock and make more money, not to actually change.

And what do these grrls want: a total 180 of the roles of the sexes. Chain men to the stove and bedroom, while women can go out and do as they please. Ask yourselves: does this solve anything? Does revenge for centuries of wrongdoing ever come cheap? I'm an advocate for ERA, not new century slavery. Revenge would never get us anywhere, and most likely would backfire, just as our subservience did. And remember, women couldn't vote for a long time, so why can they vote now? Enlightened men voted that women could vote. And men only.

So that guy next to you in biology has no more to do with the tragedies of your mother than a dead toad on the side of the road. Most guys I know are for Equal Rights. They want women to be drafted too, in hopes that this will shock the country so much they will abolish the draft. And most guys are delighted when a date offers to pay her half, or drive, or pick the restaurant. Truthfully, most guys aren't that god-awful.

In hating men, they're only scared of actually doing something. It takes effort to stand up and push for rights you know you deserve. Its easy to talk about how men are scum, write a book about it, and wear torn stockings and leather jackets. That's all grrls really are… show, flash, and hot air. They wouldn't act if all our rights were appealed, they'd only rant. Fighting for equal rights is an evolution, and they are devolving.

The situation of women is really luck of the draw, just as the western world not speaking Chinese. Way back when there weren't that many people, in the cavemen days, they were delegating jobs. Women, being occasionally incapacitated due to pregnancy got the less strenuous job of gathering, while men hunted. This branched over the years to the modern housewife, and her duties of cooking the bison and cleaning the cave. Now, however, with our dishwashers and microwaves and vacuum cleaners, these delegations are rather useless, leaving women open to leaving the cave and find new roles. We got a bad hand, but technology has reshuffled the deck.

So when your boss calls you "girly" and pats your bottom, don't go home and write songs about rage and how men suck. Try writing to your boss's supervisor, telling his competitors, or contacting an ERA association. Being a grrl is just as ineffective as being a girl.

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