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What is the Bahá'í Youth Workshop?

The Bahá'í Youth Workshop is a non-profit agency which prolmulgates positive messages that find there root in the Bahá'í Faith, through the performing arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Etc).  These different groups of youth travel to different places, to all sorts of environments, so to share the message which they harbor.  The primial message which they convey is the Unity of Humanity; that is, in this colorful diversity of peoples of all backgrounds and cultures, civilization must thrive furthermore in the harmony and celebration of these differences, and receive each others shares of thoughts and experiences.

They have dances which: directly reflect the Racial struggle which has plagued this nation for almost 300 years; the deterrimental consequences of drug and alcohol abuse; the celebration of our unity in diversity; the social issues we face in our society, and the possible remedies for them; and many more productions, which vary from each workshop to another.

Presently there are over 100 workshops in the United States, and about 40 arround the world.  Although The Principles which they share are from the Bahá'í Faith, many participants and members of different faiths and creeds join the efforts to establish a postive atmosphere, where a social and spiritual transformation may take place in our society.

The Bahá'í Youth Workshop performs in theaters, schools, parks, clubs, and other places where invited to perform.  This group is completely voluntary participation, and performs at any event where their message is welcome.

If you would like to find a contact to the Bahá'í Youth Workshop nearest to you, for booking or questions in general, please contact:

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