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7-10-00 - Talk
Tinkered with a few things, but hard drive and everything still not back to 100%. Oh, and please post on the message board! It will make it more fun, even if you just say hello or something like that.

7-05-00 - Hmmm
Morning all. Anyway, the domain name is up, in case anyone cared. We can now be found at What Snazzy, eh? What else is new? Well, my hard drive got fried, I am editing this page by hand now, and summer classes have started. Fun, no?

7-01-00 - Peace be with him
I was going to use this space to complain about a few things, but instead I am just going to say peace be with Walter Matthau and his family. The movie industry lost a great actor, and he will be greatly missed.

6-24-00 - almost tomorrow...
     Guess what? is mine!!  If you go there now though, all you will see is some startup page that NameZero has given me.  What I need to do now is figure how how to link everything up through there.  But after 3 years, The Movie Pit has it's own little home!!!

6-22-00 - dinner time...
    There seems to be a problem with my registering of  It was only supposed to take a day or two but it has been over a week now.  I am thinking it is NameZero itself because someone else I know has tried to do the same and it is taking them a while as well.  Oh well.  Sorry about the lack of new reviews.  I will try to get more by next week.  I have also moved the "news" to the top of the screen.  If you really want to read the rest just scroll on down for it or click the little mission statement link up top.

6-16-00 - around 1am..
    Well, I just changed the counter service on the page.  Since Geocities doesn't do cgi I had to make due with pre-made ones.  I have settled on TheCounter for now.  No longer with the counter go up from myself viewing the page or updating it, nor will it go up by continuously hitting the reload button, only unique hits.  Lets see how much this slows down the hits, shall we?

    I got off my lazy butt and wrote a new review for what I consider to be the bloodiest thing ever put on tape, The Story of Ricky.  Actually, from what I hear, a movie called Dead Alive is much much worse, but I have not yet gotten around to seeing it.  Maybe at some point between working and taking calculus I will be able to fit a watching in.  Any who, have fun with the review, and please, go see this movie for yourself!!

    New review just posted submitted by our friend Norad - The Human Tornado  

 old new things....


Welcome to the movie pit. Here is the greatest collection of reviews for cheesy movies. We here at the movie pit will try our best to provide all you people with the greatest reviews for the worst movies around. Also, we want this to be a user orientated site so please send us reviews about movies that we don't have here. If you do so you will get all the credit and have the honor of helping to start one of the greatest collections of bad cheesy movie reviews anywhere!! If you would like to send us a review, a comment, or anything else write me at
Reading the reviews you might (more like will) notice this picture at the bottom of all the reviews:
Don't worry or be afraid about it. It is just our way of showing you people how bad the movies are. The more cheesi the better. We rate on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being a good bad movie (huh?) and 5 being so terrible that the film along with all other copies and the negatives should be burnt and have the ashes buried in a pit somewhere in the Rocky Mountains .

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