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...Lots of issues regard native toponymy in the former Soviet Union: scripts that change, soviet names that disappear, native forms that return, the national minorities of Russia...We are particularly interested in the names of the minorities of Russia (the northern Caucasus and more). Check the following tables, and read the note about romanisation schemes below:


Romanisation schemes

Names from most of these tables come transliterated (or romanised) from their original cyrillic scripts. We try to use international standards for that, but some transliterated characters cannot be rendered in the HTML code that we use at GeoNative (ISO/IEC 8559-1 or Latin-1 code); for instance, those "v" signs over letters (called caron or hachek). So, in those cases we use further HTML tricks as underlines. You can see right below the case of Ukrainian: the original alphabet, the standard international romanisation scheme that we chose, and the further adaptations made for GeoNative. More information in the Alphabet Street section.




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The old Soviet Union

All republics within Russia, with their ethnic composition (big)

Ethno-linguistic map of the Caucasus (big)

Native peoples of Western Siberia

Native peoples of Eastern Siberia


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