My talk with the Lord - - revised May 21, 2008

America, Where is Your Soul?

America, America, where is your soul,
has it been lost, or stolen, or has it been sold

God has smiled on your beautiful land, all these years,
but now He looks down, with sadness and tears

Look at your children, look at your old,
they no longer fit, in your glittering world of gold

In whom do you trust, asks the voice from above,
is it me, is it you, or is it your money you love

You rejoice only in what you can buy, or sell,
but why do you leave your soul, in the darkness of hell

You cling to your stock market, and say look at it soar,
but God will bring it all down, to the thresher's floor

Seek not what can be bought, with your money of clay,
but look up to your God, fore you have lost your way

Pray now for your soul, while there is still time,
for God is coming, and He loves only those of His kind

The treasure that God seeks, man cannot buy or sell,
it is a loving heart, that keeps us from that dreadful hell

Look up America, not down to the ground,
fore it is only in heaven, that your treasure can be found

Cry out now, before it's too late,
fore God's judgment, now stands at your own front gate

America, America, God gave His grace to thee,
but you have turned away from Him, and lost eternity

Oh how I cry for thee, who once stood so high,
it is so hard to watch, while you stumble, fall, and die

America, America, where is your soul,
seek it not, in your silver and gold

Seek it in the love, of Jesus Christ,
who will lift you high, to His home in paradise

America, America, where is your soul,
has it been lost, or stolen, or has it been sold.

I love You Lord, and I love you America.

joe sizemore,
February 20, 1998

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