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Antichrist or Abomination

* A letter to Terry *

This is a letter from a friend of mine who I will call Terry. Terry read a prophecy that I wrote pertaining to the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, but as you will quickly see he has another agenda which I think is equally important to consider. Perhaps you have been asked similar questions, if not you probably soon will be. The following is our conversation;

Dear Terry,
I found your note to be a little strange, but interesting, and I thank you for caring enough to try to help a wayward stranger. There is too much to respond to in one place, so I have placed some comments within your text, which follows;

Terry wrote
your idea of what the antichrist is, is laughable. How could our president be the antichrist? Because he got a @#$$^^&? Because he is the president? Because he happened to be the president in the yr 2000?

joe wrote
I see you did not read the entire prophecy, otherwise you would know it is not about any antichrist, it is about the "abomination" spoken of by Daniel the prophet, and by Jesus in the Matthew 24. The so-called antichrists have always been with us, as they are all around us today. The word "antichrist" simply means one who rejects Jesus Christ as being the only begotten Son of the Father, and the only way to salvation. We are told that "he, who rejects the Son, also rejects the Father, and he who rejects the Father, also rejects the Son." To be an antichrist simply means we reject the Father or the Son.

However, the word "abomination" in most Hebrew texts means "impure, filthy, and unclean or that which is foul-smelling and objectionable to the Father. I believe the thing that makes the abomination spoken of by Daniel so detestable to the Father is that he will come as an angle of light, one wearing the mask of Christianity, but his soul loves himself above all else. The Bible tells us about the one who will come onto the world seen in the last moments of mankind's rule over the earth, but what is often overlooked is that He will be leading a great world military power of people just like himself. They think themselves rich, without blemish, and safe form destruction, but they do not realize how filthy, retched and poor they really are.

Terry wrote
I'm going to let you in on something. The antichrist is far from what you imagine...and i will explain it to you. What is the basic summary of Christianity? What was Christ's ministry? What is the purpose of all the revealed religions of the world?

To save souls...

joe wrote
Please forgive me if I am taking your words too literally, but I see the spirit of the antichrist in your own words. You speak of Christianity as just one of many "religions", but my soul tells me there is only one God, one faith, and one way to salvation. When the Father saw how hopelessly lost we humans had become, He sent us His most lovable Son to tell us how we must change if we are to enter into the Father house. The Father risk the soul of His most precious Son by sending Him down to this dark land, and if we reject His magnificent offer, then He will reject us in our last hour. You see Terry, this is what being an antichrist is all about, rejecting the Father's gift of salvation. The Father doesn't reject us; we in our own knowledge reject Him. What would you do if you sent your child down to the streets and back alleys to save of drunken bum, and the bum just laughed and spit in His face? That is basically what we did to Jesus. Now if you where God, what would you do to such a bum? Jesus said, "forgive them Father, for they know not what the do. That is what makes Christianity different from all of the rest of the religions in the world, we are the only one who are not saved by works, but by the loving grace of Jesus Christ alone. However, we have a free will, and we chose for ourselves who we will follow, and our choice makes us a child of the Father, or an anti-child (antichrist) in that we reject the sacrifice of Jesus for our souls.

Terry wrote
That's what religions are all about aren't they? So whenever the antichrist is mentioned, because he is supposed to be an inversion of christ, he is supposed to DAMN souls isn't he? Wreck havoc on the earth... damn his followers to eternity in hell?

joe wrote
No, not at all, we each pick our own future. You seem to think hell is some place far away where the evil ones will be taken, but I don't think that is the case at all. It is heaven that is far away, and it is to heaven that we now have a last opportunity to regain. You see Terry, we now stand in the presences of the Father's loving light, but one day soon He will leave us in a darkness called hell, never again to see His loving light. If you can imagine a place without any love, or compassion, then you have a small understanding of what hell is really like. You see Terry, the spirit within the soul will live forever, and it is just a matter of where. I prefer to be taken away form the darkness of this world, and to see only Jesus there standing in the door to His Father's house, waiting with opened arms for me. If you will remember, God cast Satan and his angels out from heaven, and "down" to the earth. It is the earth, which stand in danger of hell, not those in the Father's wonderful heaven.

Terry wrote
This perception of the antichrist is laughable because everyone expects this to be the image of the antichrist. An image of evil and benevolence that has millions of followers. And that's why the likely candidates for the antichrist are always those who are highly supported and evil,,, i.e. Hitler, Napoleon, Hussein, Clinton, etc. Wouldn't the antichrist be smarter than this... why would he let himself be easily identified? Would he be even one person? Remember, if the revealed religions of the world rely on one man to spread their message, wouldn't the antichrist be many?

joe wrote
You are exactly right, as I have just told you, the antichrist's are all around us, but there is one to come upon the world stage when the Father will end mankind's rule over the earth. Mankind will no longer have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, because we will then have a government of the Father, by the Father, and for the Father. In that day the only begotten Son of the Father will rule the world alone, the other false gods will no longer be heard. Look around, we now place God in second place as though we had the power to do so, and we think He is just some kind of magic sorcerer that we can bring up when things go badly.

I find it interesting that you overlooked Russia's Stalin, who was an atheist hating all religions. Instead you gave me a list of leaders of so called religious nations. You must also see them as abominations. They hide behind the mask of holiness to hide their evil hearts, which makes them even more abominable in the sight of the Father.

Terry wrote
So let's get back to Christ's ministry...To Save Souls...Because the antichrist is supposedly a character of 'evil'...the opposite of the salvationist religions...we suppose the Antichrist's ministry is to DAMN souls. I propose this to you...Suppose the inversion is not on the word SAVE...suppose it's on the word SOULS. And what's the opposite of souls clip. It's the WORLD. The Antichrist is here to save the world clip. And its gonna start through the destruction of the one thing that threatens the life of this world...our society. You may have thought I was going to say man, but no,,, this is not the case. Man can co-exist with the in harmony with it...tribal people have been doing it for 3 million years. Your right clip. The antichrist is coming...not to damn everyone...but to save the world. And I'm proud to announce myself as an antichrist.

joe wrote
Now I guess we see through the glass clearly, and we each follow our hearts. You attached yours to this world, but I am a bit confused. If you are right, then what happens to your world when the sun finally burn out and there is no longer the life giving heat which the human animal requires to survive? It seems you try to save what is already lost. Within my own soul I know there is something out there which is greater than me, and I seek it because I see in it the love and future that can never be attained in this human shell.

Terry wrote
I'll leave you with a quote from John the should be familiar with it...

"You must not love the world or the things of the world, for those that love the world are strangers to the love of the Father...Children, the final hour is at hand! You've heard that the Antichrist is coming. He's not one but many, and when the many are among us; you'll know the final hour has come."

joe wrote
Let me give you a few words of Jesus, "The way is narrow, and few therebe who find it" "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me" "My sheep hear my voice, and they will follow me"

Terry wrote

PS: If you're interested, look up a book called Ishmael; by Daniel Quinn...consider it to be the Antichrist's equivalent of the bible...

joe wrote
Terry, I would like to thank you for letting me share my faith in Christ with you, it is my greatest joy. In my long life I have often learned that I do not have all of the answers, but I know the one who does, and I place my life in His hands. I pray to the Father that He will come to you and show you the miracles he has shown to me. I have tried to write them down on my web page, and I hope you will take a little time to read them, especially the one entitled "His Crown". You can find them on my web page at;

Take care of yourself, and I am glad you came my way. I also pray that you will never stop seeking the truth. Where there is time there is hope.
Your Christian friend,
joe sizemore

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