My talk with the Lord/ Nov 12, 1998

A Letter to An Atheist!

Hi Robert

In response to your note, it seems I have miss-judged you friend. I now see that you do not really understand Christianity, the impact of the Bible on the follows of Jesus, or the impact of the non-believer and atheist on Christianity. Since you say you are an atheist, I will assume you are and center my comments more on atheist, rather than non-believers in general.

One can read a book, yet miss it meaning and purpose altogether, as I think you have missed the meaning and purpose of the Bible. Robert, the meaning behind many of the printed words of the Bible are for the spiritual person, and without the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will never fully understand the love which binds the pages of the Bible.

I will tell you something you have heard often, but you have not yet grasp the real meaning thereof, and it is the bases of my following comments.

Robert, Jesus has told us, we must be BORN AGAIN, otherwise we will not understand, and we will not enter into the kingdom of God. To be born again is to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God the Father. The church of Jesus is not found in buildings made by men, it is not in organizations made by men, it is not in rituals made by men, the church of Jesus can only be found in the hearts of Godís children. It is the loving hearts of Godís children which make up the church of Jesus, and it is the Holy Scriptures which leads us to the spiritual understanding of the Bible. There are no walls tall enough, or strong enough to contain Jesus, or organizations large enough to hold the glory of our Lord. Robert, the church of Jesus is found in humble loving souls, ones caring more for others than themselves. Ones that would never harm another, but would gladly lay down their lives for others.

So you speak of the evils of Christianity, and the divisiveness of the many denominations of the Christian faith. Robert, in the church of the heart, there are no denominations, we are all one in our love for Jesus, our Lord. We are not divided in our oneness of purpose, and love for God.

Robert, what is the difference between an atheist, and people who calls themselves a Christian, but are not born again of the Holy Spirit? The answer is, none. There are no differences between them, it is just that one wears the false mask of a Christian, but they are the same as atheist in that they have no real fear of the power of God, and it is their own personal desires which rule their hearts. The outer cup is truly beautiful, but the inner is filled with lust, pride, and lies. You have seen many of them yourself.

So Robert, when you accuse Christians of being evil, you accuse yourself, because there is no evil in one who is truly filled with the love of Christ. You see, when Jesus was accused of all kinds of evil, He did not answer, He knew His own heart, and there was no evil or lies found there. The evil atheist cannot just stand by, but must strike out to harm those which disagree with them, as you do in your written words. You play your child's games (The A Team) of destruction as though that gives some great meaning to your words, yet you cannot see the childishness in the game you play while saying you seek the truth.

Robert, atheist and non-believers have always been in manís Christian fellowships, and it is their evil which tries to separate us from our common love for God. Atheists throughout history have killed the born again Christian, tortured them, hated them, and rejected them, just as Jesus was hated and rejected before us. You donít have to look far to see the hate within the hearts of atheist, just look at Mr. Stalin in Russia, he had over 30 million people killed, and he started with the born again Christians who would not reject their faith. A false Christian will shed his mask quickly when his life depends on it, but that is too much to ask of a born again believer. Look at China, untold millions have perished, and Christians are still losing their lives there today because of their faith in Jesus. Look at the Muslim world, where you lose your life if you try to tell someone about the good news of Jesus, yet there are those who will go anyway.

Yes, there is no end to the cruelty of atheist who cannot accept our Jesus, or anything greater than themselves. We Christians mean no one harm, but only wish to share the love which was given to us at such great cost. However, each must make their own decision, and no one knows the heart, except God himself.

So Robert, when you speak of the evil of Christians, you hide your own belief behind a false mask of kindness and knowledge. It is you non-believers which cause all the death and destruction, not the loving body of the Christian faith. The Bible calls Satan the great accuser, because he stands day and night accusing the faithful of sins they have not committed, as you do Robert with your list to make sure you donít miss anything. You accuse those who would love you of being evil, yet the only evil is found in your words.

You are like President Clinton, he splits the word ďisĒ fifty different ways to justify his own lies, but his definition doesn't make his lie a truth. Robert, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but it is important to be true to ourselves, and know what controls the heart. Robert, donít be as the bull in the arena, chasing the red cape, but never knowing that it is Satan who controls the cape, and is there only to torment us. Look beyond the red cape to the one who would pierce your soul.

A Christian brother,
joe sizemore

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