My talk with the Lord/ Jan 7, 1997

Door Of Darkness, Door Of Light

On Monday night January 6, 1997, I had a dream about the gate to heaven. I was so afraid that I awoke, as from a nightmare, and I could hardly get back to sleep. The dream was more real than life itself. I found myself in the outer darkness, so black that I could not see anything behind me, or on either side. There was not another living thing there in that blackness, but me. I looked across a vast empty darkness in front of me, and there in the distance was a mighty door which was closing with such grinding and moaning sounds that it made my very soul shiver. The door was the gate to a mighty fortress, and it was swinging closed from inside the wall, as though some unbelievable power was pushing it from within. It was so gigantic and huge that there are not words to describe its power and magnificence. The door was almost closed, but I could see into the door just enough to tell that the wall seemed to be billions of miles thick. The door was so near closed that I could not see what was on the other side, but the light shining through the remaining crack had a brightness and warmth that only the human's soul can feel.

I could barely hear the warm beautiful music radiating from within the door but it made my heart long to be swallowed up by its love. The wall and door were strangely beautiful; it looked like they were made of trillions of stars all compressed into the clear mortar of the door and wall. Even though the door and wall where clear like crystal, I could not see through them. It was as though all of the stars in the universe where sucked out of the outer darkness around me, and packed tightly into the door and wall. The mortar in the outer wall and door facing me looked much like a dark blue starry sky you might see from a mountaintop, but the stars were a lot denser. The stars seem to gleam and blink with happiness and contentment that they were now back in their rightful place. The bright warm light that streaked out through the small remaining crack still left by the door, was so bright and warm that the interior stars, which I could see in the opening of the door, glowed much brighter than those in the exterior, as though they were made from the finest gold. They reflected the beautiful light, which came from behind the door, causing their unusual brightness. I was not physically cold, but my soul was frozen there in the outer darkness, and all I remember was the fear of not being allowed to cross the vast darkness into the light behind the door. My fear of being left behind in that blackness was more than I could bear.

When I got up on the morning of January 7, 1997, I had to try to put what I had seen on paper. So, I wrote the following;


Door of darkness, door of light,
for whom do you close, this long dark night

Is it for me, and me alone,
or for all mankind, no more to be known

As I stand here before you, trembling to the bottom of my very soul,
just to behold the magnificence, of your warm and loving glow

You stand before me, so plain and clear,
yet mankind chooses, not to see or hear

Mankind scoffs, at the door that I now see,
while the light of their lives, slowly goes to sleep

We see the sun rise, each day on this lowly and insignificant earth,
and we think the light of life comes from the stars in the sky, and our universe

But the light in our mind and in our hearts, the earthly man cannot see,
the light and life everlasting, which comes only from thee.

Door of darkness, door of light,
close not on me, this long dark night

Why has it taken me so long, Lord to see,
that you stand there, holding the door open for me

You are the light of the world Lord, which keeps the blackness away,
not the stars, or the sun, or the milky-way

You told us from the beginning Lord, in the outer darkness you hung,
this severe called man's earth, and it's tiny sun

But man's mind has been blinded, to the truth of your word,
you are the only light Lord, that will never be purged.

Door of darkness, door of light,
close not on me, this long dark night

Let man understand, that his spirit will go on,
in the cold outer darkness, or in the warm light made by you alone

Help others to see your door Lord, standing so mightily in front of me,
not blinded by man's words, and reasoning

I beg that you save me Lord Jesus, before its too late,
take me and my family, behind your heavenly gate.

Door of darkness, door of light,
close not on mankind, this long dark dreadful night.


joe sizemore
January 7, 1997


To be out of the loving light of the Father, is the worse hell a soul can endure. It burns your soul with agony forever. Everything your heart and soul could ever desired, can no longer be seen, and is lock away forever behind the great door. It is a door of darkness when seen from without, but a beautiful door of light, when seen from within. You too will stand before the door one day, I pray that it stands open for you.

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