My talk with the Lord/ March 2, 1999

I Will Never Forget That Easter!

Let me tell you about that day in Jerusalem,
underneath the heat of the midday sun,
There was one there called Christ Jesus,
He said He was God’s only begotten Son

We dragged Him through the streets that day,
he was just a simple man,
He sweat and bled like the rest of us,
but he never bowed His head

I spit on Him as He passed me that day,
and I slapped Him across the face,
I was surprised how he stopped and looked at me,
but in Him I could see no disgrace

I grabbed branches from a thorn bush,
and weaved them into a crown,
Then I scampered alone behind Him,
waiting until He stumbled to the ground

Then I forced the crown firmly,
upon His sweating head,
and I watched the emerald green leaves,
turn instantly into crimson red

I just knew He could not take anymore,
and He would soon beg to be set free,
but He looked at me with eyes filled with blood and tears,
then He continued up the street

We made it up to Golgotha,
and He stood there quietly with His crown,
I pulled the nails from behind me,
and slammed Him down to the ground

I pounded the nails into His hands,
and into both of His feet,
I could see the pain in His face,
I would never again be able to sleep

We hoisted the cross from the ground,
and dropped it down into place,
I could see His pain and agony,
but I still saw no disgrace

Instead He looked down upon me,
with eyes filled with tears and blood,
He simple said Father, forgive him,
fore it is him that I love

There was a great price paid that day,
for a simple fool like me,
Jesus the Christ, the King of glory,
came to save a sinners like me.



It is not Christ’s death that we celebrate during the Easter season, it is His unmatchable love and mercy for all of our kind. He suffered the cross, just to show us how to really love, and how to really live.

joe sizemore
March 02, 1999

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