My talk with the Lord/ July 29, 2000

Faith That Can Move Mountains!

Do you really believe that Faith can move mountains, or is this just another old saying in the Bible, which is to make us feel good. We say to ourselves that God could move a mountain if He wanted to, but I haven't seen Him do it in my life. Is such faith only for the great prophets, or was it meant to be for the smallest of the Father's children. Do you have the faith to move mountains, or do you leave that in the hands of our Christian leaders and missionaries? I would suggest that if we do not have the faith to move mountains, then we must question the reality of our salvation. Perhaps we have only been reborn of words and not of the spirit if we are still restrained by the physics of this world. Mountains are for the earth bound, and until we see them through the eyes of the sprit, then we will never overcome them, and we will remain their slaves.

I recently had a lifetime dream full filled when I got a chance to go to Alaska with my family to see Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. When we arrive at the foot of the mountain it was raining and very foggy. I asked one of the hotel representatives about the weather forecast, as we would be leaving the next day. He told me that it was a very unusual situation there since they had three major storm fronts coming in that day, and we probably would not see the mountain for another week to 10 days. He said it was kind of like Alaska's version of "The Perfect Storm". I could see the disappointment on my 13-year-old granddaughter's face when she heard the news. Other members of my family were also very depressed because of the dreariness that seemed to just hang in the air that day. It was at that moment that the words "Faith can move mountains" came flowing into my soul. I turn to my granddaughter, and said, see those clouds, they are like our faith, our eyes are blinded because we cannot yet see beyond them, but we know by faith that the beautiful mountain is there just beyond our sight. If our faith is great enough we will be able to see through the clouds to the beautiful mountain standing just beyond our sight. So my wife and I placed ourselves on the back deck of the hotel and waited for what seemed and impossible event. The hotel employee told me I should not be disappointed, as over 60 percent of the people who come to Mount McKinley never get to see it because of the bad weather created by its 20.000 foot peaks.

But at about 1 PM the clouds started to slowly lift, and you could hear the excitement start to grow as a few others come to the deck searching for a glimpse of the mountain. Then we saw some mountain peaks starting to show up in the clouds, and we thought it was McKinley for sure, but the hotel employee said, "No those are just the foot hills, when you see Mount McKinley, you will know it, but it is clouded in for the day". By this time the deck was full of people searching for just a small glimpse of the mountain. Then suddenly there she was, unbelievably towing far above the other 14,000-foot mountains, with a snow covering that shinned brighter than all of the other mountains at her feet. I cannot explain the magnificence of that beautiful mountain standing there in the bright sunlight, no longer hidden by the clouds. I turned to my granddaughter and said, "See if we have enough faith, all things are possible". I will never forget the smile on her face. This morning we could not see it, but we had faith that it was there, and now we see our faith face to face". The storm had passed.

I thank the Father for teaching this humble servant that day what power there is in our simple faith, and truly we can move mountains if it glorifies the Father. We Christians now see deeming with our faith, but if we hold fast, then we will soon see clearly face to face. Our faith tells us Jesus Christ is the ONLY begotten Son of the Father, and soon the clouds will be lifted from our souls, and we will see our wonderful savior face to face. That is a promise, just watch and see.

Your brother in Christ always,
joe sizemore
July 29, 2000

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