My talk with the Lord/ July 17, 1999


Have you learned to call God, Father yet? If not I would beseech you to reevaluate your relationship with your Lord. Do you call Jesus, Master yet? If not I would beseech you to reevaluate your relationship with the Lord. You see it is mankind's knowledge that tells us there is a God, but it is a personal relationship which allows us to call Him Father. A child is a part of their father, part of the same flesh and blood. If we do not have the same flesh and blood then we are strangers wearing a mask. Jesus tells us we must be born again and it's the being born again which allows the Father to fill our souls with His own flesh and blood. Without the Father filling our souls with Himself, we can in no way call Him Father.

Mankind has turned their backs on the Father, and has chosen to follow their own limited knowledge. They fit God into their own little world, and don't understand that it is mankind who must fit into the Father's world. The Father looked down upon mankind and saw that there was nothing good in the hearts of the human beast, and He said they will not survive on their own; they must have help, so who will go to tell them this one last time? But the heavens were silent because no one, not even the angles, found the human beast worth risking their own souls to save. But then the great silence was broken, as one stepped out from behind the throne saying, Father I will go, I care for them; I love them so please send me. The Father looked at His only begotten Son, and said your name will be greater than all others, and if the human beast will accept your great sacrifice, then I will fill their souls with my love, and I will call them my own.

So if you have never accepted the sacrifice of Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Father, then you can never be a member of the Father's family. It is a requirement that you come to Him humble, with a pure and loving heart, and then the Father will create in you a new creature, one which will be welcomed into the heavenly family forever. The choice is ours, accept the gift of Jesus sacrifice, or stay where we are, and abide forever in the outer darkness when the light of the Father is taken from us.

Yea must be born again!

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Christ!
joe sizemore

July 17, 1999

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