My talk with the Lord/ Jan 19, 1998

The Fish in the Sea

It is difficult for some Christians to share their faith in Jesus with others, and to explain why God would send His own son down from his heavenly throne to a world of sinners. But men have rejected the love of God which is all around them saying, "where is God, I have never heard his voice, I have never seen Him." Since some cannot hear God's voice He sent us His own Son to live as a human so that we might hear and understand. We are truly like the fish in the sea which cannot believe there is a thing called fire unless another fish explains it to us. So Jesus came as a fisherman of men to explain the love of God to us.

Thank you Lord for loving me enough to come to this raging sea, to fish for a sinner like me. Give me that same love Lord, that I might also fish for my brothers and sisters, while there is still time.

The Fish In The Sea

Lord, why is it so hard for the earthly man to see,
that You would come down, to save sinners like me

The earthly man says, and thinks great things,
but in his heart, an emptiness rings

He cannot believe, what is not in his hand,
that there could be such a beautiful, new promised land

Man is like the great fish, at the bottom of the sea,
he canít comprehend fire, or eternity

But Lord you and I know, that there is fire above and beneath his sea,
even though the fish called man, refuses to accept it from me

How do I explain to the great fish, that there is something far greater than he,
that there is a beautiful world, beyond his deep dark sea

He doesnít understand how fragile, his existence here can be,
as he swims through the darkness, thinking there is nothing greater than me

There is but one way to convince, the great fish called man,
that is to become like him, and swim in his cold dark land

To tell him about the land, above the sea,
where the water is fresh, and waiting there for you and me

Lord, what unbelievable love, youíve shown to this fish of the sea,
You gave him Your only begotten Son, that the fish might go free

You came down from your mighty fortress, with outstretched hands
to tell me about a God most holly, and His promised land

Lord, God almighty, this fish leaps out of the sea,
in the hands of your son Jesus , who came fishing for me

Lord how can man not see, your great love for me,
and be so blinded by the stupidity, of an empty black sea

Your light shines all around me Lord, for everyone to see,
This fish will not forsake your love, and kindness to me

But I will stay here Lord, as long as you need me,
Iíll tell the other fish Lord, how to leave this deep dark sea

I love you Lord...

My Lord Jesus sent me to you, my brothers and sisters, so now I send you... The water is getting darker, and our time is short, work quickly, the fish you save, may be yourself. Hear what God is telling your heart.

joe sizemore
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