My talk with the Lord/ January 5, 2002

Greatest Sorrow and Greatest Love

Two thousand years ago, the world's greatest sorrow clashed with the world's greatest love. At first the world thought that material sorrow had won, but three days later they saw that the light and life of mankind had just begun. When the darkness of this world seems to close in on us, we need to remember that we are not meant to remain in this land of darkness, but rather we are meant to be a light in our Father's house. A light shinning with the same brightness that was seen at the mouth of the tomb two thousand years ago when Jesus stepped forth from the grave, leaving death and darkness behind forever. So Christians, let your light also shine in this world of darkness because you too have been released from the tomb, and that same light which the world saw two thousand years ago, now shines through you.

joe sizemore

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