My talk with the Lord/ July 1, 2008

He Loved Me

Father, how could You have loved,
a retched sinner like me,
He answered softly,
because I knew what you could be

I told the world,
I would do great honorable things,
but deep down inside me,
I often followed other schemes

I wore the mask of Christianity,
for all the world to see,
but I seldom followed Your guidance,
beyond the church house scene

As I now look back across my life,
You were often put in second place,
Because there was a demon inside me,
that pulled me from Your love and grace

Father I am so ashamed,
as I stand here before Your throne,
I am guilty, lost, and lonely,
and not worthy of Your home

He turned with His loving smile,
and held opened His arms to me,
Child you turned out wonderfully,
just like I knew you would be

Donít let your failures destroy your joy in God, He found you in the pits of hell with all your sins, and He loved you anyway. Christ saw in you what we cannot yet see, that tiny small light which the world cannot destroy, and will grow brighter with each new day. So donít get discouraged over past failures, and truly understand that Christ fell in love with you, long before you fell in love with Him.

joe sizemore
January 28, 1999

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