My talk with the Lord/ Dec 7, 1998

Heart and Soul

The love of the heart is a strange thing, our soul sees everything so logically, yet our heart just cannot accept it. The heart is often so restless, and gives us no peace, its love and lust drives us in different directions, tearing us apart. If we are lucky, we will see that our own heart and soul must be as one, before we can truly love anything, or anyone. It is through the eyes of a loving heart and soul that we are able to love others as God has loved us. A house divided among its self, will surely die, but a loving heart and soul will live in happiness forever.

- - Heart and Soul - -

The heart is the blood, of a living soul,
it gives it life, and makes it whole

The heart comes into this world, so delicate and shy,
seeking and touching, but never knowing why

The wisdom of the soul, tells the heart what it must do,
but the hearts says I have a free will, why should I listen to you

The soul stands back, and say I will let you go free,
but you must come back one day, if you are to save me

The heart sails forth, like the breeze on the sea,
looking for the love, that will set it free

Sailing into a beautiful port, the heart says this one is surely here for me,
but there is something still drawing it back, to the wide open sea

The heart does not understand, it will never find peace,
because there is something missing, beneath its shifting sea

The heart is pitched and tossed, through the storms of life’s waves,
is there no port of calmness, in this world for me to stay

And then the heart hears a cry, in the far off distant sky,
I’m still here friend, I love you, want you come back to me before I die

The heart looks at the soul, and says you have always been right here,
it was with you I started back there, all those many years

It was you who loved me first, and willingly let me go,
it must have been so hard, for now I know how you loved me so

I thought the things of this earth, would be stronger than my need for thee,
but now I come home, and it is with you alone that I want to be

Thank you for still quietly waiting, all these many years,
now I come humble before thee, with this heart filled with loving tears

I have finally learned life's lesson, all that is here on earth must soon go,
but with my loving heart and soul in heaven, I have found life’s silver and gold.

joe sizemore
December 3, 1998

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