My talk with the Lord/ Nov 3, 1998

This is my own life story.

Lord, Here I Am

Lord, here I am where I began,
standing alone, but holding Your hand

All through my life, Iíve looked for Your face,
but it was you who found me, through Your mercy and grace

I thought I knew everything Lord, as I became a man,
but I could not see You there, holding my hand

I put on my mask, of respect and grace,
but you could still see my filthy, and sinful face

Satanís lies had told me, you would forgive my willful disgrace,
but he never said I must change, if Iím to receive Your mercy and grace

Then suddenly, Your warning came out of the blue,
to tell me I must change, if I am to see You

I saw my body before me, without Your light in my life,
so I desperately tried to crawl back, out of that dreadful blackness and night

Although I knew that You were out there, in that endless space,
I still could not give up my earthly life, for Your mercy and grace

I had so many things, I had to do and plan,
There was little room for You Lord, in my earthly land

But I thought You would just keep on forgiving, this sinful and insignificant man
little did I know I was dying, fore I had let loose of Your loving hand

I went about my way, doing and accomplishing great earthly things,
but you were not there Lord to guide me, and to take away my needless pain

I looked up for You again Lord, for Your outstretched hand,
but You were not there, You had left me alone here in my cold dark land

I searched for You in the Churches, and in the great halls,
but when I thought I had found You, I would be staring at another black wall

Where are You Lord, why canít I find Your face,
I attend with great crowds each Sunday, but I still could not find Your grace

Beautiful music and sermons on Sunday, gleam with Your glory and grace,
but You seem to slip away from me Lord, as soon as I left the holy place

I decided that this is the way it must be, for everyone in this earthly land,
fore surely we all fall short, of Your holy and glorious plan

But my happiness was never complete, I just stumbled through my life's plan,
I was truly lost without You Lord, Please come again and hold my hand

I came to a point in my life, where all the great things I had done and planned,
seems so worthless and useless, fore I had lost the touch of Your holy hand

I cried out from the bottom of my very soul, Lord take it all away from me,
fore there is nothing else in this world, but itís Thee I want to see

I have treated You so poorly Lord, all through my lifeís span,
forgive me Father and please hold me, there in Your loving hands

My love for You Lord has now freed me, from this earthly land,
and now it is for You and You alone, that I live in this cold dark land

Oh how all of my nights, have now turned back into day,
my God lives within me, and it is He who lights my way

He changed my life completely, I am no longer the same man,
that was required of me, if I am to live in His promised land

Lord, I have now found Your wonderful church, where all must worship and pray,
it is in the heart and soul of man, that we must sing Your holy praise

Buildings and great halls cannot contain Thee, Your glory and grace are too great,
itís in the hearts of sinful men, that we find Your mercy and glorious grace

In the church of our hearts there are no masks, for Satan to hid our disgrace,
it is the Lord God almighty, that stands before us face to face

It is in the church of our hearts, that we must fall on our knees and pray,
fore it is there alone that God will answer, and forgive our earthly disgrace

We can never again be alone, fore God church is always there,
we can open the door to heaven, just by a simple and loving little prayer

Lord You have shown me Your love, in so many wonderful ways,
let me now live for You, and show others the narrow way

Let us all look within ourselves, fore it is there we must come before Your throne,
You will show us the good and evil, and You will then lead us home

Lord, you loved me enough, to let me travel this earthly land alone,
but now Lord I seek thee, I found my way back home

Lord, here I am where I began, but Iím not standing alone,
You have reached down with Your heavenly crown,
and taken me back home.

I love You Lord.

joe sizemore
Nov. 13,1997

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