My talk with the Lord/ March 21, 1997

His Crown

On the morning of March 15, 1997, the Lord showed me a vision of a beautiful golden wall. It was huge, standing about 10 feet high, and I could only see about 20 yards of the wall, as the ends faded out of site in a cloud. It was the same wall I had seen several years before when I lived in Canton, Michigan. When I had seen the wall before, I had a feeling like I was trespassing, and that I should leave before the owner returned and found me there. But I did not feel the same this time, I felt like I belong there. The people I had seen before were not there now, and I was all alone. The wall seemed very thick and strong since it had huge golden symbols and inscriptions carved into it. I still could not understand the meaning of the inscriptions. I said, to myself, why can't I understand the inscriptions, am I suppose to know what they mean, why doesn't God interpret them for me?

It was at this moment that a beautiful golden cross appeared before me. The cross was about two feet high, and seemed to just hang there in mid air near the top and center of the wall. The outer edges of the cross where perfectly cut, and the cross looked to be about 10 inches deep. But it was the light, which filled the cross that thrilled my soul, it shined so brightly that the gold glowed white like the center of the sun. I said to myself, what is this wonderful place that fills my soul with such pure beauty? I knew my Lord was there watching me. His cross stood there before me as though it was alive. I could now see that the cross was the insignia on a great awesome crown, which stood before me. A voice told me, the cross is empty; your Savior is no longer on the cross. He is now your King, and He stands before you, ready to reclaim His waiting children. He is now your King, with great wisdom and power, and He stands at the door.

I was startled for a moment, because I could not see His face, only this huge crown with it's beautiful cross stood before me. I felt the crown was gently moving, and I asked myself, why can I only see the top of His crown, because I know it is sitting upon His head. A voice said to me, it is because He is lifting you in His hands above His head, and presenting you to His Father, as one would present a precious jewel to a King. All Mighty God, man cannot comprehend Your magnificence, Your power, Your strength, and such overwhelming love for a useless sinner like me. It is only now, that You are my King, that I truly understand what an unbelievable great gift You gave to me; when You lowered Yourself down to this insignificant earth as a common man, and allowed the most evil, to spit upon You, accuse You, hate You, and crucify You, all to teach me how much You truly love me. Oh Lord, I want to be like You, give me the same love Lord that I too might love others as You have loved me.

I was awakening to who I really was, and who I had been all these years. In all my sin and stupidity, Jesus was always there, He never gave up on me, and now I have finally heard his voice. Oh sleeping Christians, wake up while there is still time, fore our King is coming, and if He finds us asleep, sleeping we will remain - never to stand before the throne that now awaits us. As the birds chirp in the trees, at the coming of a new dawn, so are the true children of God, for they know their King is near. Jesus is no longer on the cross, that price has long been paid. He is now our King. Look into your hearts, you will know my words are true. STAND UP, shake off Satan's grip, God loves us, and our sleeping brothers and sisters in Christ need us NOW!

I now understand why I could not read the inscriptions on the crown. When my work here on earth is done, and my Lord takes me home, then I will be able to read it, and understand that it is written for me. This life I lead, I do not always understand, but it too was written for me, and I will understand it all, when I once again stand in front of Jesus, my Lord and King, and His beautiful crown.

I sat down the next morning and wrote the following;

- - His Crown - -

Lord, what is the great wall, which you've shown to me,
It's beauty and strength, is far greater than any I have ever seen

It gleams of pure gold, like a crown of a king,
with words inscribed, which I have never seen

I am again perplexed Lord, by the mighty wall that now stands in front of me,
fore you've shown it to me before, and it's meaning still baffles me

Many years ago Lord, you let me walk before this great throne,
I knew I love being near it, even though I did not belong

I was puzzle for many days, when first this wall was shown to me,
It came from out of the blue, for a reason I could not see

I was much younger then, and life has greatly changes me,
But Your throne remains the same Lord, through all eternity

I do not fill the same strangeness, as now I stand before this throne,
I know there is something in me, that tells me here is where I now belong

Suddenly there in front of me, a cross shinned so bright,
although it seemed to be made of gold, it burned with an unbelievable bright white light

There was a sudden awareness, that filled my very soul,
that Jesus Christ was not there, in the mist of the burning gold

With the glow of the empty cross surrounding me, the truth was so profound,
Jesus Christ was before me, wearing His mighty golden crown

As I looked closely at the symbols, carved like from a great stone,
They are of a language, which this world has never ever known

I don't understand their meaning, for my work here on earth is not done,
but one day, with my Lord Jesus, I'll read it like God's worthy son

He is no longer my savior, fore that price He paid long ago,
He is now my King in glory, and with Him I will always go

Lord Jesus, you are the King of Kings, and to You alone I belong,
with You standing now beside me, I will never again be alone

Lord, now on to the battle, lead me on I pray,
for Satan must be destroyed, so the children can be saved

Ring loud your trumpet Lord, sound the duty call,
Christians stand up for Jesus, For this is the last morning call

Don't fall back to sleep, for that is Satan's plan,
But stand straight and tall, and fight for our God and His Holy Promised Land.


I love you Lord and NO more victories for Satan, in the name of Jesus, the King. Thank You Father, for not given up on me, for all through my sinful life, You still loved me. Christian, please hear my voice, God is calling you for the last time. It will be so sad to be in glory, and have left you all behind.

joe sizemore
March 21, 1997

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